Capture Tower Boss in Palworld: Easy Glitch Guide

Capture Tower Boss in Palworld: Easy Glitch Guide


Palworld boss glitch: Have you ever dreamed of catching those towering Syndicate bosses in Palworld? Well, buckle up, because a groundbreaking glitch has just made it possible! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to capture these mighty Pals, and the best part? It works seamlessly on both the Steam and Xbox/MS Store versions of Palworld.

Pros and Cons:

1. Unprecedented Power: Obtain access to immensely strong tower boss Pals, providing a significant advantage in battles.1. Developer Response: As with any glitch, there’s a risk of developers addressing and patching it in future updates, potentially affecting game progress.
2. Versatile Use: Utilize these captured bosses in various ways, such as in your base, as mounts, and more.2. Game Balance Concerns: The powerful nature of these captured tower bosses may disrupt the balance of the game, impacting the overall challenge.
3. Game Variety: The glitch adds a new dynamic to Palworld, allowing players to explore unconventional strategies.

The Simple Steps: Palworld Boss Glitch

  1. Begin your adventure at a friendly NPC-controlled haven, like the Small Settlement located conveniently west of the starting area (coordinates: 71, -486).
  2. Stir things up by provoking PIDF Guards—attack a non-Syndicate NPC until you’ve achieved the coveted Wanted status, indicated by 1x Assault.
  3. Teleport swiftly to the Syndicate Tower where your desired boss resides, using the Fast Travel Statue.
  4. Watch as the guards tag along with you; initiate the boss fight promptly to bring these allies into the fray.
  5. Stand back and let the guards unintentionally hit the boss until it comes to a halt.
  6. Seize the moment and throw a Pal Sphere at the boss’s back for an instant capture.

Crucial Considerations:

  • Utilize this glitch cautiously, as developers may address it in future updates, potentially causing unforeseen issues.
  • Tower boss Pals are not just strong; they are game-changing, so use them strategically to maintain the overall enjoyment of Palworld.


By following this Palworld boss glitch, you’ll transform those seemingly untouchable tower bosses into valuable allies. Keep in mind the potential risks, and relish the newfound power of having these incredible Pals by your side in Palworld. Happy capturing! If you’re playing on Xbox, stay informed about any related issues with Palworld by checking out the ‘Palworld Xbox Issues: Developer’s Updates and Patch Notes.’ Stay tuned for updates to ensure a smooth gaming experience


Is this glitch safe to use?

While the glitch is currently functional, there’s a risk of developers patching it in future updates. Use it at your own risk, and be aware of potential consequences, such as save corruption.

Can I use this glitch on both the Steam and Xbox/MS Store versions

Yes, the glitch works seamlessly on both the Steam and Xbox/MS Store versions of Palworld

Which NPC-controlled settlement is best for triggering the glitch?

The Small Settlement west of the starting area (coordinates: 71, -486) is a convenient location to provoke PIDF Guards and initiate the glitc


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