Palworld ‘s Fastest Flying Mounts Revealed

Palworld 's Fastest Flying Mounts Revealed

Palworld flying mounts speed: Palworld, a sprawling island filled with captivating Pals, offers players the exhilarating opportunity to explore its vast terrains using flying mounts. To ensure your journeys are swift and efficient, we’ve uncovered the fastest flying mounts that will elevate your Palworld experience.

Jetragon: The Unrivaled Speedster

Undoubtedly, the crown for the palworld flying mounts speed belongs to Jetragon. With its sleek, aerodynamic design, Jetragon blazes through the skies like no other, making it an essential companion for those seeking unparalleled speed. To catch this legendary dragon, head to the volcanic region in the west at coordinates -789, -321 (north of the Beach of Everlasting Summer teleport point), armed with a formidable team of Pals. Be warned, as a level 50 powerhouse, Jetragon demands careful preparation for a successful taming.

Jetragon Pros And Cons

Pros of JetragonCons of Jetragon
1. Unrivaled Speed1. High Level Requirement
2. Versatile Abilities2. Formidable Taming Difficulty
3. Efficient Crop Harvesting3. Limited Elemental Advantage (Weakness to Ice)
4. Map Accessibility4. Legendary Pal Sphere Requirement
5. Majestic Design5. Reappearance Delay after Initial Capture Opportunity

In summary, Jetragon’s unparalleled speed and versatile abilities make it a top-tier Palworld Fatest flying mounts for speed. However, potential challenges include the high level requirement, formidable taming difficulty, limited elemental advantage, the need for a Legendary Pal Sphere, and a reappearance delay if the initial capture opportunity is missed. Players should weigh these factors carefully before pursuing Jetragon as their loyal companion.

Jetragon’s Abilities and Advantages

Jetragon's Abilities and Advantages

Once acquired, Jetragon offers a powerhouse of skills and abilities. As a Dragon-type Pal, it boasts an Aerial Missile partner skill that enhances aerial combat capabilities. With active skills like Stone Blast, Ignis Breath, and Ground Pound, Jetragon becomes a versatile ally in both air and ground battles. Its work suitability extends to Gathering Level 3, showcasing its efficiency in harvesting crops.

Why Jetragon Reigns Supreme

The moment Jetragon becomes your trusty steed, the difference in speed becomes immediately noticeable. Travel times between distant points on the map are dramatically reduced, transforming once time-consuming journeys into swift adventures. This newfound mobility empowers players to effortlessly explore more of Palworld, unlocking hidden locations and resources with ease.

Conclusion: Jetragon, the Key to Palworld Domination

In summary, Jetragon stands as the uncontested champion among Palworld flying mounts speed. Its top speed, coupled with formidable abilities, significantly enhances your exploration capabilities. Remember, preparation is key when attempting to tame this majestic creature. So, if you aspire to conquer the skies of Palworld with unmatched speed and power, Jetragon is your ultimate choice. Embark on a thrilling adventure, and let the wind beneath Jetragon’s wings carry you to new heights in Palworld!


What level do I need to be to tame Jetragon?

Jetragon is a level 50 boss monster. Players should aim to reach level 50 before attempting to tame this legendary flying mount.

How can I increase my chances of successfully taming Jetragon?

Ensure you have a robust lineup of Pals, including an ice element Pal, as dragon Pals like Jetragon are weak to ice. Use caution and strategy during the encounter.

What are Jetragon’s main abilities?

Jetragon has an Aerial Missile partner skill, along with active skills like Stone Blast, Ignis Breath, and Ground Pound. These abilities make it a formidable ally in both aerial and ground combat.


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