Palworld Xbox Issues : Developer’s Updates and Patch Notes

palworld patch notes


Palworld patch notes: Palworld, the surprise hit of 2024, has taken the gaming world by storm with its unique blend of open-world exploration and creature capturing, reminiscent of Pokemon. However, Xbox users have faced several issues such as black screens and login errors, prompting the game’s community manager, Bucky, to address the concerns on the Palworld Discord.

Developer’s Response:

Bucky reassured players that the developer is actively working on a patch to resolve these issues on Xbox. The patch has been submitted, but its release is pending Microsoft’s certification process. Despite uncertainties about the timeline, Bucky expressed apologies for the inconvenience and pledged to keep the community updated on progress.

Palworld Update Patch Notes:

Palworld Update Patch Notes:

Meanwhile, the latest Palworld update, palworld patch notes version, brings a slew of fixes and improvements. Notable changes include the designation of non-buildable zones around Alpha Pal spawn locations to prevent structures from hindering creature spawns. This move comes with a caveat for existing base builders, as they won’t be able to add new structures near these spawn locations.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

The patch also addresses various bugs, resolving issues like the lack of ambient sound and fixing malfunctioning illegal intrusion areas in restricted zones. Developers aim to create a more balanced and immersive gaming experience, encouraging players to adapt to these changes.

Hotfix Update:

A recent hotfix tackled the problem of the game being too dark and unplayable for some players. This issue was network-dependent, and players experiencing it were urged to apply the hotfix and wait for at least 10 seconds after starting the game.

Looking Ahead:

While Palworld has already garnered four million players in its first week, the game remains in Early Access, promising ongoing updates and improvements. The article concludes with an acknowledgment that the release schedule for future updates is yet to be revealed, but players can expect continuous enhancements to address server issues, performance, and other player-reported concerns.


In summary, Palworld developers are actively engaged in addressing Xbox issues, with a pending patch awaiting certification. The latest update,, introduces significant changes to improve gameplay dynamics and resolve key bugs. Palworld enthusiasts can anticipate a continuously evolving gaming experience as the developers remain committed to refining and enhancing the player experience.


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