TOP Best Indie Games on Switch – 2024 Edition

Best Indie Games on Switch

Introduction to Indie Gaming on Switch

The Nintendo Switch has become a beloved platform for gamers of all stripes, from those who cherish blockbuster titles to those who have a soft spot for the underdog stories of indie games. The hybrid console has proven to be a fertile ground for indie developers, thanks to its unique portability, versatile controls, and an audience that’s open to new gaming experiences. In this feature, we at ‘The Gamers Talk‘ delve into why indie games have not just found a home on the Switch but have thrived, becoming an integral part of the console’s identity and appeal.

The Rise of Indie Games on Nintendo Switch

The Switch’s launch in 2017 marked a turning point for indie games on console platforms. Unlike its predecessors and contemporaries, the Switch opened its arms wide for indie developers, providing them with a platform that was as accessible as it was popular. This democratization of game publishing led to a renaissance of indie titles on the console, with games like “Hollow Knight,” “Stardew Valley,” and “Celeste” receiving as much acclaim and attention as some of the platform’s AAA titles.

Why Indie Games Thrive on Switch

The secret to the success of indie games on the Switch lies in the console’s design and ethos. The Switch’s portability means that games often designed by smaller teams with more modest scopes can be enjoyed anywhere, fitting perfectly into the busy lives of modern gamers. Additionally, the console’s digital storefront, the eShop, makes discovering and purchasing new indie titles a breeze, encouraging gamers to explore beyond the blockbuster hits.

The Charm of Indie Games

What Makes Indie Games Special?

Creative Freedom and Innovation: Indie developers, unburdened by the expectations of large publishers and massive fanbases, have the freedom to experiment. This has led to some of the most innovative gameplay mechanics, narrative techniques, and art styles seen in the industry.

Unique Artistic Expressions: Without the pressure to appeal to mass markets, indie games often feature bold, distinctive art styles. From the hand-drawn animations of “Cuphead” to the minimalist aesthetic of “Untitled Goose Game,” indie titles push the boundaries of what games can look like.

Engaging and Diverse Storytelling: Indie games frequently explore narratives that are personal, profound, or just plain different from the mainstream. Games like “Night in the Woods” and “What Remains of Edith Finch” offer storytelling that’s as rich and nuanced as any novel or film.

The Impact of Indie Games on the Gaming Industry

Indie games have undeniably left their mark on the broader gaming landscape. They’ve challenged the industry’s notions of what successful games can look like, both aesthetically and financially. They’ve also served as a testing ground for new ideas, some of which have been adopted by larger studios. Perhaps most importantly, they’ve reminded us that at the heart of gaming is the joy of discovery, of experiencing something new and unexpected.

Comprehensive List of Must-Play Indie Games on Switch

Comprehensive List of Must-Play Indie Games on Switch

Puzzle and Adventure Indies


Overview and Gameplay Mechanics: Cocoon’s intricate design sees players navigating a series of interlocking worlds, each contained within mystical orbs. The gameplay revolves around strategic world-switching, where the player must solve complex spatial puzzles by moving between these contained universes, making for a uniquely mind-bending experience.

Why It Stands Out: Beyond its puzzle mechanics, Cocoon is lauded for its artful presentation and the seamless integration of its narrative with gameplay. The journey is as much about unraveling the mysteries of its universe as it is about solving the puzzles, making it a deeply immersive experience.

Chants of Sennaar

Linguistic Puzzles and Gameplay: This game turns language learning into a captivating puzzle-solving experience. Players must decipher alien languages using context clues, transforming what could be a daunting task into an engaging and rewarding gameplay loop.

Cultural and Educational Impact: Chants of Sennaar is not just a game; it’s an exploration of human communication and connection. It highlights the power of language and understanding, making it a profoundly impactful experience beyond mere entertainment.

Action and Platformer Indies

Neon White

Fast-Paced Action and Unique Mechanics: Neon White combines high-speed platforming with first-person shooter elements in a heavenly setting. Players are tasked with eliminating demons using a “Soul Card” system that grants both weapons and movement abilities, fostering a gameplay rhythm that’s as strategic as it is exhilarating.

Hollow Knight

Metroidvania Excellence and Deep Lore: Hollow Knight is a masterclass in Metroidvania design, featuring a vast, interconnected world teeming with secrets, challenges, and lore. Its hand-drawn art, atmospheric music, and deep narrative make it not just a game but an experience.

RPG and Narrative-Driven Indies


Psychological Depth and JRPG Mechanics: Omori stands out for its exploration of heavy themes like mental health, wrapped in the mechanics of a traditional JRPG. Its unique blend of whimsical and dark elements, combined with a story that’s both touching and unsettling, makes it a memorable journey.

Night In The Woods

Storytelling and Exploration: This game captures the essence of small-town life and the complexity of returning to a place that feels both familiar and alien. Its narrative depth, combined with charming visuals and relatable characters, offers a poignant look at growth, change, and the search for meaning.

Simulation and Strategy Indies

Stardew Valley

Farming Simulation and Community Building: Stardew Valley is more than a farming sim; it’s a life sim that captures the joys of rural life, community building, and self-discovery. With its charming pixel art and endless activities, it’s a world players can lose themselves in for hundreds of hours.


Tactical Gameplay and Retro Charm: Wargroove revives the spirit of classic tactical games like Advance Wars, offering deep strategic gameplay with a charming retro aesthetic. Its robust campaign, multiplayer modes, and map editor extend its replayability far beyond the initial playthrough.

Horror and Mystery Indies


Lovecraftian Horror and Fishing Mechanics: Dredge masterfully combines the tranquility of fishing with the creeping dread of Lovecraftian horror. As players uncover the mysteries of the archipelago, they’re drawn into a story that’s as compelling as it is horrifying.

Exploring Cultures and Human Experiences Through Indies


Celebrating Underrepresented Cultures: Tchia is a heartfelt tribute to New Caledonian culture, offering players a vibrant open world inspired by the Pacific Islands. The game stands out for its authentic representation, from the lush landscapes to the melodic sounds of the local languages and music.

Gameplay That Embraces Exploration: Players can climb, glide, and even take control of any animal or object they come across, encouraging exploration and interaction with the game’s beautiful world in a playful and immersive way.


Culinary Storytelling and Heritage: Venba presents a touching narrative about an Indian mother’s attempts to reconnect with her cultural roots and family through cooking. The game cleverly uses cooking mechanics as a metaphor for preserving and passing down cultural heritage, making it a unique and emotional experience.

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics: Players must decipher and recreate traditional South Indian recipes, which serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of family, memory, and the flavors that shape our identity.

More Must-Play Indie Titles on Switch

A Space for the Unbound

1990s Indonesia Setting and Magical Realism: Set in a small town in 1990s Indonesia, A Space for the Unbound offers a slice-of-life experience enriched with magical realism. It’s a narrative-driven game that explores themes of self-discovery, high school romance, and the supernatural.

Point-and-Click Adventure with a Twist: The game combines classic point-and-click mechanics with the ability to dive into people’s minds, revealing their fears and dreams in beautifully crafted story segments.


Nostalgia for Online Communities: Videoverse taps into the nostalgia for early online gaming communities, particularly those connected to console gaming. It tells the story of a digital space that’s about to be shut down, echoing the real-life closures of beloved online platforms.

Engaging Storytelling Through Social Interaction: The game uses a mix of text-based adventure and social simulation to explore the dynamics of online friendships, fandom, and the transient nature of digital spaces.


Crowd Control Puzzle Gameplay: Humanity stands out with its unique gameplay that involves directing massive crowds through intricate puzzles, evoking themes of conformity, individuality, and the collective human experience.

Striking Visuals and VR Integration: The game is notable for its striking minimalist aesthetic and the use of VR to immerse players in its thought-provoking puzzles, making it a standout title in the indie and VR spaces alike.


Watercolor World and Personal Memories: Dordogne captures the beauty of childhood memories through stunning watercolor visuals. Players navigate both the past and present, piecing together the story of a woman’s relationship with her grandmother in rural France.

Narrative-driven Exploration: The game blends exploration, puzzle-solving, and narrative in a seamless way, allowing players to uncover family secrets and relive cherished memories.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

Tarot-inspired Narrative Adventure: This game offers a unique narrative experience centered around tarot readings and witchcraft. It’s a deeply personal story about identity, fate, and the choices that define us.

Interactive Tarot Readings: Players engage with beautifully illustrated tarot cards that guide the story’s direction, making each playthrough a unique exploration of the game’s mystical themes.

Future of Indie Gaming on Switch

The indie scene on the Switch continues to evolve, with new titles constantly pushing the boundaries of what indie games can be. Here’s a glimpse into what the future holds for indie gaming on Nintendo’s versatile platform.

Anticipated Indie Releases

The indie pipeline for the Switch remains robust, with several highly anticipated titles on the horizon. These games promise to continue the tradition of innovation and diversity that indie games are known for.

  • Upcoming Titles to Watch Out For: Games like “A Highland Song” and “SteamWorld Build” are just a couple of examples of the varied and exciting indie titles slated for future release on the Switch. These games, each with their unique themes and gameplay mechanics, are eagerly awaited by the gaming community.

The Evolving Landscape of Indie Games on Switch

The indie game landscape on the Switch is dynamic, with new developers and studios emerging to tell their stories. This evolution ensures that the platform remains a fertile ground for creative and unconventional gaming experiences.


Indie games have become an indispensable part of the Nintendo Switch’s identity, offering players a vast array of experiences that are as diverse as they are engaging. From exploring new cultures to tackling complex human themes, indie games enrich the gaming landscape with their creativity and depth.

Why Indies Will Continue to Thrive on Switch

The Switch’s unique ecosystem, combining portability with console-quality gaming, makes it an ideal platform for indie titles. This, coupled with Nintendo’s supportive approach towards indie developers, ensures that indie games will continue to find a welcoming home on the Switch.

Encouraging Gamers to Explore the Indie Realm

For gamers looking to broaden their horizons, the indie catalog on the Switch offers a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. From mind-bending puzzles and heartfelt narratives to innovative gameplay and artistic expressions, the indie scene on Switch has something for everyone.

Additional Resources and Recommendations

For those interested in diving deeper into the indie gaming scene on Switch, numerous resources and communities are dedicated to uncovering and celebrating these gems.

Where to Find and Support Indie Developers

Platforms like Kickstarter,, and the Switch eShop itself are great places to discover and support indie developers. Engaging with these communities can also offer insights into the development process and the stories behind the games.

Communities and Forums for Indie Game Enthusiasts

Online forums, social media groups, and gaming websites often feature sections dedicated to indie games, providing spaces for discussion, reviews, and recommendations. Engaging with these communities can enhance your appreciation of indie games and connect you with like-minded enthusiasts.


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