Sea Safari Monopoly Go: The Ultimate Event Guide

Sea Safari Monopoly Go: The Ultimate Event Guide

Welcome to “The Gamers Talk” blog, where we dive deep into the latest buzz in the gaming world. Today, we’re setting our sights on a thrilling event that has captured the attention of Monopoly Go enthusiasts โ€“ the Sea Safari Monopoly Go event. This guide is your all-access pass to mastering the event, securing top-tier rewards, and sailing smoothly through the challenges ahead.


Monopoly Go, developed by Scopely, transforms the timeless board game into an engaging virtual experience. Players can navigate through digital properties, engage in trades, and build empires right from their mobile devices. The Sea Safari event adds a splash of excitement with its oceanic theme, inviting players on a treasure hunt across the board.

Event Overview

What is Sea Safari Monopoly Go?

The Sea Safari event is a limited-time engagement in Monopoly Go, blending the classic gameplay with a nautical twist. Participants embark on a virtual sea adventure, collecting corals and completing maritime-themed tasks to earn exclusive rewards.

Duration and Schedule:
Mark your calendars! The event typically spans a few days, offering a compact yet intense gaming experience. Exact dates and times can be found in the game’s announcements, ensuring players have all the information they need to dive in.

How to Participate

Getting on board the Sea Safari is straightforward. Ensure your app is up-to-date, and look out for the event prompt within the game. Here are some tips to ensure you’re ready when the tide comes in:

  • Check for Updates: Regularly update Monopoly Go to access the latest events and features.
  • Stay Informed: Follow Monopoly Go on social media and turn on notifications for real-time updates.

Detailed Rewards Breakdown

Detailed Rewards Breakdown

Overview of Sea Safari Rewards

Monopoly Go Sea Safari Task Levels and Rewards

Task LevelPoints RequiredReward
130Green sticker pack
24020 dice rolls
345Cash reward
417580 dice rolls
55010 Min Cash Grab
655Green sticker pack
765Cash reward
8400185 dice rolls
970Cash reward
1090Green sticker pack
11100Cash reward
12800425 dice rolls
1312515 Min Rent Frenzy
14150Green sticker pack
15175Cash rewards
161.2K680 dice rolls
17175Green sticker pack
181805 Min cash boost
19200Cash reward
202K1.1K dice rolls
21220Green sticker pack
2237510 Min High Roller
23300150 dice rolls
241.5KCash rewards
25400185 dice rolls
26650Blue sticker pack
278005 Min cash boost
284K1.8K dice rolls
291KCash rewards
301.5KBlue sticker pack
311.7KCash rewards
328K3.2K dice rolls
332K20 Min High Roller
342.2KCash rewards
352.4KPink sticker pack
362.8K750 dice rolls
377KCash rewards
383K800 dice rolls
394KPink sticker pack
405KCash rewards
4117KPink sticker pack and 7.5K dice rolls

Rewards in the Sea Safari event are not just about boosting your in-game assets; they’re about enhancing your entire Monopoly Go journey. From dice rolls to exclusive sticker packs, each reward is designed to propel your progress and decorate your collection.

Milestone Rewards

Each milestone in the Sea Safari event is a stepping stone to grand prizes. Here’s a glimpse into the rewards that await:

  • Green Sticker Packs: Embellish your collection with unique stickers.
  • Dice Rolls: Gain extra rolls to continue your adventure on the board.
  • Cash Rewards: Boost your in-game currency to invest in properties and utilities.

Strategies to achieve these milestones include focusing on specific tiles and utilizing multipliers wisely, which we’ll delve into further in the guide.

Additional Rewards

Beyond the standard milestone rewards, Sea Safari offers bonus incentives:

  • Sticker Packs: Blue and Pink Packs contain rare stickers, adding value to your collection.
  • Event-Exclusive Bonuses: Look out for special rewards like the 10 Min High Roller or Cash Boosts to amplify your gaming experience.

Task and Points System

Understanding the Task System

In the Sea Safari event, tasks are your roadmap to success. Each task requires you to collect a specific number of points, which are earned by landing on designated tiles on the board. Completing these tasks not only propels you forward in the event but also unlocks the treasure trove of rewards waiting at each milestone.

Point Collection Strategies

Collecting points efficiently is crucial for navigating through the Sea Safari event. Here’s how to maximize your point haul:

  • Target Key Tiles: Focus on landing on Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad tiles, which yield 2, 3, and 5 points respectively.
  • Plan Your Rolls: Anticipate your moves to increase the likelihood of landing on high-value tiles.

Advanced Strategies

Multiplier Usage and Management

Multipliers can dramatically increase your point earnings but at the cost of using more dice rolls. Here’s how to use them effectively:

  • Strategic Multiplier Application: Reserve high multipliers (e.g., 5x) for sure-shot landings on high-value tiles.
  • Dice Roll Conservation: Balance the use of multipliers to avoid running out of dice rolls prematurely.

Navigating the Board

Mastering the board layout is key to Sea Safari success. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid Jail and Free Parking: These tiles offer no points, so strategize to bypass them.
  • Utilize Chance and Community Chest: These tiles can propel you to more lucrative spots like Railroads.

Event Schedule and Timing

Key Dates and Times

Staying aware of the event’s schedule ensures you don’t miss out on valuable playing time. The Sea Safari event typically spans a few days, with precise start and end times announced within the game and on official channels.

Event Phases

Understanding the event’s phases can help in planning your strategy:

  • Early Game: Focus on accumulating as many points as possible while conserving dice rolls.
  • Mid-Game: Start using multipliers wisely to clear higher milestones.
  • End Game: If close to completing all tasks, consider if it’s worth investing more resources to secure the final rewards.


How long is the Sea Safari event?

Typically, the event lasts a few days, offering a condensed yet intense gaming experience.

How many tasks are there?

The event features a range of tasks, each with its own point and reward structure.

What are the best strategies for completing the event?

Focus on targeted tile landings, strategic multiplier use, and effective dice roll management.


The Sea Safari event in Monopoly Go offers a dynamic and rewarding experience, blending strategy with the luck of the dice roll. By understanding the task system, employing advanced strategies, and keeping an eye on the event schedule, you can navigate the seas of this event with confidence.

Remember, each roll brings you closer to the treasure trove of rewards that Sea Safari has to offer. So, set your sails, chart your course, and let the adventure begin!


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