GUIDE To The Rusty Medal in Remnant 2

GUIDE To The Rusty Medal in Remnant 2

Rusty medal remnant 2: Welcome to “The Gamers Talk” blog, where we dive deep into the essential elements that make your gaming experience more enriching. Today, we’re exploring the ins and outs of obtaining and utilizing one of Remnant 2’s most coveted items: the Rusty Medal. This comprehensive guide will cover everything from acquiring the medal to unlocking and making the most of the Hunter Archetype.

Introduction to the Rusty Medal in Remnant 2

What is the Rusty Medal?

In the eerie and desolate worlds of Remnant 2, amidst the remnants of civilization and the echoes of past battles, lies a small yet significant token of valor – the Rusty Medal. This seemingly insignificant item carries the weight of history, a memento from times when humanity stood against overwhelming odds. Its tarnished surface and faded luster belay its importance in the game – as a key to unlocking the Hunter Archetype, a class known for its precision and lethality from a distance.

Importance of Archetypes in Remnant 2

Archetypes in Remnant 2 are more than just character classes; they are the very essence of your gameplay strategy and style. Each archetype brings a unique set of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses to the battlefield, influencing how you navigate the game’s challenges. The Hunter Archetype, accessible through the Rusty Medal, stands out for its exceptional long-range combat capabilities, making it a formidable choice for players who prefer precision over brute force.

Acquiring the Rusty Medal

Acquiring the Rusty Medal

The Primary Source: Brabus in Ward 13

Who is Brabus?

To lay your hands on the Rusty Medal, you must seek out Brabus – a figure whose reputation precedes him. Once known as a formidable world boss in the prequel, “Remnant: From the Ashes,” Brabus has since taken a more peaceful path as a merchant in the sanctuary of Ward 13. His knowledge of the old world and its relics makes him the go-to dealer for rare items, including the Rusty Medal.

Location and Interaction

Finding Brabus is straightforward; he resides at the heart of Ward 13, near the firing range – a place echoing with the sounds of survivors honing their skills. Approaching Brabus requires not just scraps but also a readiness to delve into the lore he guards. His inventory is a treasure trove, with the Rusty Medal being a jewel for those who know its worth.

Cost and Currency: Scrap and Lumenite Crystals

Scrap: The Currency of Remnant 2

In the world of Remnant 2, Scrap is the lifeline. This currency, accumulated through battles, exploration, and trading, is your ticket to acquiring the Rusty Medal. The journey to amassing 1,500 Scraps is a testament to your perseverance, requiring you to face hordes of enemies, delve into forgotten corners, and perhaps, make sacrifices of cherished items.

Lumenite Crystals: A Valuable Resource

Lumenite Crystals complement Scraps in the game’s economy, being crucial for crafting and enhancement. These radiant gems, dropped by elite foes or purchased at a premium, are as valuable as they are rare. Gathering 10 of these crystals, alongside the Scraps for the Rusty Medal, is a quest in itself, paving the way to unlocking the Hunter Archetype.

Utilizing the Rusty Medal

Crafting the Sniper War Medal Engram

The Role of Wallace

Once the Rusty Medal is securely in your possession, the next step is to transform this raw relic into a key that unlocks the Hunter Archetype. This is where Wallace comes into the picture. A young yet skilled craftsman residing near the docks of Ward 13, Wallace is the go-to person for crafting engrams from rare items. His expertise is not just in crafting but in understanding the essence of each item, turning them into powerful tools for the survivors.

Crafting Requirements

To craft the Sniper War Medal Engram, a meeting with Wallace is inevitable. He will require not just the Rusty Medal but also a contribution of 1,000 Scraps and 10 Lumenite Crystals. This process is not merely a transaction but a ritual, symbolizing the transformation of forgotten relics into beacons of hope and power for the remnants of humanity.

Unlocking the Hunter Archetype

Advantages of the Hunter Archetype

The Hunter Archetype is the embodiment of precision and strategic combat. Known for its unparalleled long-range capabilities, it allows players to take down enemies from afar, focusing on weak spots for maximum damage. The archetype is equipped with a unique skill set, enhancing critical hits and providing tactical advantages like visibility of enemy weak points. This makes the Hunter not just a class but a playstyle, catering to those who prefer calculation and patience over the frenzy of close combat.

Transitioning to the Hunter Archetype

With the Sniper War Medal Engram crafted, transitioning to the Hunter Archetype is a matter of choice and strategy. Equipping this engram empowers you with the Hunter’s skills and abilities, reshaping your approach to the game’s challenges. It’s a commitment to mastering the art of sniping, positioning, and leveraging the environment to your advantage.

Enhancing Your Gameplay with the Hunter Archetype

Best Weapons and Mods for the Hunter

Sniper Rifle and Hunting Pistol

The essence of the Hunter Archetype lies in its arsenal, particularly the sniper rifle and hunting pistol. These weapons, when wielded by the Hunter, become instruments of precision and death. The sniper rifle, with its long-range and high-damage capabilities, is the Hunter’s backbone, while the hunting pistol offers a reliable backup for tighter situations. Mastery of these weapons is key to realizing the full potential of the Hunter Archetype.

Essential Mods to Boost Performance

Mods in Remnant 2 are not just enhancements; they are game-changers. For the Hunter, selecting mods that complement its long-range combat style is crucial. Mods that increase damage output, improve critical hit chances, or provide tactical advantages like cloaking or enemy detection can significantly augment the Hunter’s effectiveness on the battlefield.

Strategic Playstyle Tips for the Hunter

Maximizing Long-Range Combat

The Hunter excels at long-range combat, turning each encounter into a tactical engagement. Positioning is crucial; finding high ground or concealed spots can provide a clear line of sight and reduce the risk of retaliation. Patience is also key, as waiting for the perfect shot can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Survival Strategies for the Hunter

Despite its strengths, the Hunter’s lower defense makes survival a constant consideration. Maintaining distance from enemies, using the environment for cover, and having an escape plan are vital. It’s also important to manage resources effectively, ensuring you have enough ammo and health items to sustain prolonged engagements.


Can the Rusty Medal Be Used Multiple Times?

A common query among players is whether the Rusty Medal can be reused to unlock the Hunter Archetype multiple times or for different characters. It’s important to understand that the Rusty Medal is a unique item in Remnant 2, and its use is a one-time affair. Once it is exchanged for the Sniper War Medal Engram and used to unlock the Hunter Archetype, it cannot be reclaimed or reused. This exclusivity adds to the item’s value and significance within the game’s lore and mechanics.

Is the Rusty Medal Applicable to Other Archetypes?

The specificity of the Rusty Medal towards the Hunter Archetype often leads players to wonder if it can be used to unlock other classes. The answer is no; the Rusty Medal is exclusively linked to the Hunter Archetype. Each archetype in Remnant 2 has its unique path and requirements for unlocking, reflecting the diverse playstyles and narratives embedded in the game’s world.


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