How To Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft

How To Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft


How To Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft: In the vibrant pixelated world of Minecraft, parrots add a burst of color and joy to your adventures. These cute companions not only fly after you and imitate mob noises but can also perch on your shoulder, making them unique among other mobs.

However, their fragility with only three hearts of health requires careful consideration, especially when facing potential dangers like creeper explosions or skeleton arrows. In this guide, we’ll explore the intricacies of taming parrots, uncovering hidden biomes, and essential techniques for dismounting them to ensure their safety.

Pros and Cons of Having a Parrot companion in Minecraft

Pros and Cons of Having a Parrot companion in Minecraft
Colorful CompanionshipFragile Health
Mob ImitationLimited Healing Options
Shoulder PerchRare Spawn
Unique MechanicsNo Breeding
Jungle ExplorationPotential Risks

Types Of Parrot In Minecraft

  1. Red Parrot
  2. Blue Parrot
  3. Green Parrot
  4. Cyan Parrot
  5. Gray Parrot

These parrots can be found in jungle biomes and their variants. Keep in mind that Minecraft may receive updates, so it’s advisable to check the latest game versions or patch notes for any additions or changes to parrot types.

Taming a Parrot in Minecraft:

Taming a Parrot in Minecraft

Locating Parrots:

  • Parrots can only be found in the jungle biome and its variants, making them a rare sight with a mere 0.2% chance of spawning.
  • Armed with seeds such as regular seeds, pumpkin, melon, or any other seed type, approach the parrot and feed it until heart particles indicate successful taming.
  • Once tamed, the parrot will follow you and perch on your shoulder when possible.

Biome Exploration Tips:

  • Given the challenge of finding specific biomes, knowing how to change biomes can be valuable for locating parrots efficiently.

Protection and Limitations:

  • Parrots cannot be fed to restore health or bred to increase their numbers, making it crucial to keep them safe and protected when exploring beyond your base.

How To Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft: Safely

How To Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft: Safely

Safe Dismounting:

  • The safest methods include jumping straight up, hopping down a single block, or jumping into water. Parrots will hop off your shoulder in response.
  • Jumping from a height greater than two blocks or hopping down from four blocks or more will also dismount the parrot, but caution is needed due to potential fall damage.

Water Escape:

  • Hopping into water prompts the parrot to jump off your shoulder and swim. It will teleport back to you when you climb out onto a solid block.

Bed Rest:

  • Laying in a bed is an effective way to get the parrot off your shoulder safely.

Dangerous Ways To Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft

Dangerous Ways To Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft

Height Risks:

  • Jumping from a greater height, especially above four blocks, risks fall damage for both the player and the parrot.

Taking Damage:

  • Various sources of damage, such as zombie attacks, skeleton arrows, or fire damage, will make the parrot fly off your shoulder. Exercise caution to avoid harm to your pet.

Lava Perils:

  • Jumping into lava is the most perilous method, causing significant damage to the player and resulting in the certain death of the parrot. Armor enchantments do not extend protection to the parrot.


Mastering the art of parrot companionship in Minecraft involves not only taming and exploring biomes but also understanding safe dismounting techniques. Follow these guidelines to ensure the well-being of your colorful friends as you embark on exciting adventures in the blocky world. ๐Ÿ•น๏ธ๐Ÿ”ฅ For more gaming insights and reviews, check out The Gamers Talk.


Why do you need to have a parrot on your shoulder in Minecraft?

Besides adding fun to the gameplay, having a parrot on your shoulder allows you to hear their clear imitations of other mobs. In Bedrock Edition, a parrot on your shoulder also prevents the player from entering the Nether, serving as a reminder to prepare before venturing into that dimension.

Can parrots dance on your shoulder in Minecraft?

Yes, in Bedrock Edition, parrots can dance while perched on the player’s shoulder, adding a playful and entertaining aspect to their behavior.

Does closing the game make parrots get off your shoulder?

No, even if you close the game and reopen the world, the parrots will still magically remain on your shoulder. The act of closing and reopening the game does not affect their perch.


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