Crafting Vibrant Concrete in Minecraft: A Step-by-Step Guide

Vibrant Concrete in Minecraft

Crafting Vibrant Concrete in Minecraft: Concrete, introduced in version 1.12, is a robust and colorful building material that can elevate the aesthetic of your Minecraft projects. This guide, updated to align with the latest Bedrock and Java versions as of October 29, 2022, walks you through the process of crafting colored concrete in Minecraft Survival.

Ingredients for Colored Concrete:

Ingredients for Colored Concrete

To create colored concrete, you’ll need powder, gravel, sand, and dye of your choice. The color preference guides the selection of ingredients.

White Concrete:

  • Obtain bones by defeating skeletons to create bonemeal.
  • Use a crafting table to convert bonemeal into white dye.

Black Concrete:

  • Gather ink sacs by either defeating squids, using a wither, checking village chests, or visiting a Wandering Trader.

Sand and Gravel:

  • Collect sand from beaches or lakes and gravel from various locations, including mountains.

Water Bucket:

  • Craft a bucket using three iron ingots and fill it with water from a still water source.


  • Craft dyes using plants or flowers, such as cornflowers or red roses. Dyes can also be obtained from items like ink sacs or Lapiz Lazuli through crafting or smelting.

Process Of Crafting Vibrant Concrete in Minecraft

BlockCrafting/Obtaining Process
AndesiteMine Andesite blocks in the Overworld using a pickaxe.
Stone BricksCraft 4 Stone blocks in a 2×2 pattern in a crafting grid.
Ancient DebrisMine Ancient Debris in the Nether using a diamond or netherite pickaxe.
Concrete BlocksCraft 4 Sand + 4 Gravel + Dye (desired color) in a crafting grid.
AcaciaMine or obtain Acacia wood from Acacia trees, then craft into blocks.
Command BlockObtain in creative mode or through commands.
Deepslate BricksMine Deepslate blocks, then craft 4 Deepslate in a 2×2 pattern.
DirtDig dirt blocks using a shovel.
DoorCraft using 6 Planks (Wooden or Iron) in a 2×3 pattern.
Iron BlocksCraft using 9 Iron Ingots in a 3×3 pattern.
Nether BricksCraft 4 Nether Bricks in a 2×2 pattern.
Quartz BricksCraft 4 Quartz blocks in a 2×2 pattern.
Sculk SensorObtain using a pickaxe on a Sculk Growth.
StairsCraft using 6 blocks of the desired material in a 2×3 pattern.
Stone BlocksMine Stone blocks in the Overworld using a pickaxe.
BedrockCannot be obtained or crafted in survival mode.
BlackstoneMine Blackstone in the Nether using a pickaxe.
Blast FurnaceCraft using 3 Smooth Stone, 5 Iron Ingots, and 1 Furnace.
IronMine Iron Ore using a stone pickaxe or higher.
PlanksCraft using 4 wooden logs of the same type in a 2×2 pattern.
Redstone OreMine Redstone Ore using an iron or higher pickaxe.
Activator RailCraft using 6 Iron Ingots, 1 Stick, and 1 Redstone Torch.
AmethystMine Amethyst clusters in the Overworld.
AnvilCraft using 3 Iron Blocks and 4 Iron Ingots in a 3×3 pattern.
WhiteWhite Concrete
Light GrayLight Gray Concrete
GrayGray Concrete
BlackBlack Concrete
BrownBrown Concrete
RedRed Concrete
OrangeOrange Concrete
YellowYellow Concrete
LimeLime Concrete
GreenGreen Concrete
CyanCyan Concrete
Light BlueLight Blue Concrete
BlueBlue Concrete
PurplePurple Concrete
MagentaMagenta Concrete
PinkPink Concrete

Crafting Concrete Powder & Blocks in Minecraft

Crafting Concrete Powder & Blocks in Minecraft

Do you dream of constructing vibrant and sturdy structures in Minecraft? Concrete is the ideal material for your builds, offering both durability and a spectrum of colors. In this guide, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of creating concrete powder from sand, gravel, and dye, and transforming it into colorful concrete blocks.

Step 1: Open your Crafting Table

Access the three-by-three crafting grid by right-clicking, tapping, or pressing the L2 or LT button on your controller.

Step 2: Craft Concrete Powder

Combine 4 sand, 4 gravel, and 1 dye in any order on the crafting table. This creates 8 units of concrete powder, sufficient to produce 8 blocks of concrete.

Ingredient Sources:

  • Obtain sand by digging it with a shovel or finding it in deserts and near bodies of water.
  • Acquire gravel by digging with a shovel, particularly in an extreme hills M biome or the Nether between y-levels 63 and 65, and at the bottom of ocean biomes.
  • Obtain dye from a wandering trader, or craft it from flowers or plants. For example, black dye requires 2 ink sacs from squids, while white dye is crafted with 1 lily of the valley and 1 bone meal.

Step 3: Adding Color to Your Concrete

Dyes allow you to craft vibrantly colored concrete. Experiment with different dyes to achieve your desired palette.

Step 4: Transforming Powder into Blocks

Concrete powder requires water to transform into concrete. Use any flowing water, water source block, or waterlogged block. Rain and splash water bottles won’t work.

Transformation Options:

  • Place the concrete powder near water, and you’ll hear the placement sound as the water absorbs into the powder, producing a concrete block.
  • Alternatively, place the powder on a dry surface, pour a bucket of water over it, and witness the instant formation of a concrete block.

Step 5: Using Your Concrete Blocks

Now that you have concrete blocks, mine them with a pickaxe or place them in your desired locations. You can stack concrete blocks up to 64 blocks high.

Tips for Efficient Concrete Production:

  • Stack concrete powder blocks and place water next to them.
  • Break the blocks to quickly convert the powder into concrete.

Concrete Slabs in Minecraft:

As of the current version, Minecraft only supports concrete blocks, not slabs. However, you have various slab options with materials like oak, spruce, acacia, birch, stone, and cobblestone.

Minecraft Colored Blocks FAQs:

Turning Concrete Powder into Concrete:

  • Utilize a water source by placing powder next to it, using a water bucket, or dropping the powder into the water.

Obtaining Concrete in Minecraft:

  • Craft concrete powder using various ingredients and then transform it into concrete blocks with water.

Types of Cement Blocks:

  • Minecraft refers to them as concrete powder blocks, offering 16 types based on color.

Finding Concrete in Minecraft:

  • After crafting concrete powder, it transforms into concrete at the same location when combined with water.

Share your favorite concrete creations crafting Vibrant Concrete in Minecraft and let us know if you wish Minecraft had colored concrete stairs and slabs. Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Minecraft offers a diverse array of blocks, each with unique properties, crafting recipes crafting Vibrant Concrete in Minecraft, and obtaining processes. The game’s creativity allows players to explore and manipulate these blocks to build, create, and survive in various environments. From basic materials like stone and wood to more advanced elements like Redstone and Nether-related blocks, Minecraft provides a rich sandbox experience.


What is the most popular Minecraft block?

It is challenging to narrow it down to one block, but the grass block is often considered iconic, representing Minecraft on desktops and devices. Despite not being players’ first choice, it is highly recognizable.

What is the rarest block in Minecraft?

The dragon egg is considered the rarest block in Minecraft. While it may be fairly common for players defeating the Ender Dragon, only one dragon egg naturally exists in a world.

How many blocks does a full beacon take?

A fully powered beacon requires 1476 iron, gold, emerald, diamond, or netherite blocks to function at maximum capacity


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