Doom Eternal Cheat Codes For PC, Xbox, PS, Switch

Doom Eternal Cheat Codes For PC, Xbox, PS, Switch

DOOM Cheat Codes PC:

In the original DOOM game for PC, released in 1993, players could enter cheat codes to gain various advantages during gameplay. Here’s an introduction to some of the iconic cheat codes for DOOM on PC:

Certainly! If you’re looking for a disclaimer related to DOOM Cheat Codes, here’s a sample disclaimer text that you can use or modify based on your needs:

Disclaimer: DOOM Cheat Codes Usage

The use of cheat codes in DOOM is intended for personal entertainment and experimentation purposes only. These codes may alter the game’s dynamics and are not officially supported by the game developers. It is important to note the following:

  1. Save Progress: Always save your game progress before entering cheat codes to avoid unintended consequences.
  2. Single-Player Mode: Cheat codes are primarily designed for use in single-player mode. Using cheats in multiplayer or online environments may result in disruptions or penalties.
  3. Enjoy Responsibly: While cheat codes can enhance the gaming experience, excessive or inappropriate use may impact the intended challenge and satisfaction derived from the game.
  4. Not Officially Supported: The developers of DOOM do not officially endorse or support the use of cheat codes. Any issues arising from the use of cheats are the sole responsibility of the player.

By using DOOM cheat codes, you acknowledge and accept these terms and understand that any consequences arising from their use are at your own risk.

DOOM Cheat Codes Usag

EffectCheat Code
Temporary InvisibilityIDBEHOLDI
Temporary Radiation SuitIDBEHOLDR
Temporary BerserkIDBEHOLDS
Temporary AutomapIDBEHOLDA
Temporary InvulnerabilityIDBEHOLDV
Temporary LightIDBEHOLDL
Full Health, Ammo, Weapons, Armor, KeysIDKFA
Full Health, Ammo, Weapons, ArmorIDFA
Change Map DetailIDDT
Warp to Level ‘xx’ (01 to 19)IDCLEVxx
Display Position and BearingIDMYPOS
Music Select for Level ‘xx’IDMUSxx
Walk Through Walls (Pop Culture Reference)IDSPISPOPD
Walk Through WallsIDCLIP

DOOM Secret Levels:

Secret LevelHow to Unlock
E1M9, Military BaseFind the secret exit in E1M3, Toxin Refinery (across the slime pit near the entrance).
E2M9, Fortress of MysteryFind the secret exit in E2M5, Command Center (walk through the red panel wall and follow the teleporters).
E3M9, WarrensFind the secret exit in E3M6, Mt. Erebus (flip the switch inside the blue box in the water).
E4M9, FearFind the secret exit in E4M2, Perfect Hatred (just north of the Cyberdemon).

DOOM II Cheat Codes:

UnlockableCheat Code
Secret Level #1IDCLEV31
Secret Level #2IDCLEV32

Let these cheat codes redefine your gaming experience as you face the demonic hordes and unravel the secrets hidden within the realms of DOOM!

Doom Eternal cheat codes for PlayStation

How to Enter Them For PS4

That’s correct! In Doom Eternal, you can enter and activate cheat codes through the Mission Select menu. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Launch Doom Eternal and make sure to save your progress.
  2. Access the Mission Select menu.
  3. Look for an option that leads you to the Cheats Menu.
  4. Enter the desired cheat code.
  5. Select a mission that you have already completed or want to play with the cheat code.
  6. Activate the cheat code.

Once activated, the cheat code will apply to the selected mission, allowing you to experience the game with various enhancements or modifications. Keep in mind that using cheats may affect your progression and achievements, so it’s recommended to use them for fun or experimentation rather than during regular playthroughs.

Cheat CodeEffect
Infinite Extra LivesGrants extra lives
Infinite AmmoProvides infinite ammo for all weapons
IDDQDActivates Sentinel Armour for the entire mission
IDKFAUnlocks all weapons and equipment
Instant Stagger ModeDemons are staggered by a single hit from any ammunition
All RunesUnlocks all runes
Powerup Mode (Onslaught)Activates infinite powerup for the entire mission
Silver Bullet ModeStaggered demons are defeated by a single hit
Fully Upgraded SuitUnlocks all Praetor Suit Perks
Powerup Mode (Overdrive)Activates infinite Overdrive powerup for the entire mission
Famine ModeDemons do not drop health or armor on death
Party ModeDemons burst into confetti on fatal shots
Powerup Mode (Berserk)Activates infinite Berserk powerup at the start of the map
QuakeCon ModeActivates an invisible cheering audience during gameplay

Doom Eternal cheat codes for Xbox:

Cheat NameCodeDescription
God ModeDown, L2, Square, R1, Right, L1, Left, CircleRenders you immune to all attacks, without affecting your view.
Level warpRight, Left, R2, R1, Triangle, L1, Circle, XSelect a level by pressing either the left or right directional buttons, before pressing X to warp to the level of your choice.
Full armor, level keys, weapons and ammo (excluding the backpack*)X, Triangle, L1, Up, Down, R2, Left, LeftProvides you with maximum ammo, armor, and all the keys available in the current level.
Map all lines onTriangle, Triangle, L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, SquareShows grey (unexplored) areas of the AutoMap. Similar to Computer Map.
Map all things onTriangle, Triangle, L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, CircleAll forms of projectiles, enemies and other scenery, as well as items, show up as blue triangles in the AutoMap.
X-ray visionL1, R2, L2, R1, Right, Triangle, X, RightEnables you to see things around corners, hence the name.

Note: Ensure correct input methods and follow the instructions precisely for each code to work.

Doom Eternal cheats for Nintendo Switch:

Cheat CodeEffect
Infinite Extra LivesInfinite lives
Infinite AmmoInfinite ammo for all weapons
IDDQDSentinel Armour is activated for the whole mission
IDKFAAll weapons and equipment are unlocked
Instant Stagger ModeOne hit from ammunition takes down demons. Does not work on unique bosses
All RunesAll runes unlocked
Silver Bullet ModeStaggered demons die from a single hit
Fully Upgraded SuitAll Praetor Suit Perks are unlocked
Powerup Mode (Overdrive)Infinite Overdrive powerup is activated for the whole mission
Powerup Mode (Berserk)Infinite Berserk powerup on map start
Powerup Mode (Onslaught)Infinite powerup is activated for the whole mission
Famine ModeDemons will not drop health or armor on death
Party ModeDemons burst into confetti on fatal shots
QuakeCon ModeActivates an invisible audience that cheers as you play
Activate All CheatsActivates all of the unlocked cheat codes

How to use these cheats on Nintendo Switch,

follow the instructions provided for entering and activating cheat codes in Doom Eternal. Enjoy your demon-slaying with these enhancements!

how to enter and activate Doom Eternal cheat codes. It seems you’ve covered the process well. Just to recap:

  1. Save your progress in the game.
  2. Go to Mission Select.
  3. Access the Cheats Menu, where you can view the collected cheat codes.
  4. Add the cheat code you want to activate.
  5. Select a mission that you’ve already completed.
  6. The cheat code will be activated for the chosen mission.

Enjoy using the cheats and have a blast in Doom Eternal! If you have any more questions or if there’s anything else you’d like assistance with, feel free to let me know.


DOOM Cheat Codes offer players an exciting way to modify and experiment with their gaming experience.

From unlocking powerful weapons to altering game dynamics, cheat codes can add a new dimension to the DOOM universe. However, users are advised to use cheat codes responsibly, keeping in mind that their usage may impact the intended challenge and satisfaction of the game.

Always save progress before activating cheat codes, and remember that cheat codes are typically designed for single-player mode.

The developers do not officially endorse or support their use in multiplayer or online environments. Enjoy the DOOM experience responsibly and have fun exploring the game with these additional features.


What is Doom Eternal?

Doom Eternal is a first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth main entry in the Doom series and a direct sequel to the 2016 Doom game.

How can I activate cheat codes in Doom Eternal?

To activate cheat codes in Doom Eternal, go to the Mission Select menu, access the Cheats Menu, enter the desired cheat code, and select a mission to play with the cheat enabled.

What platforms is Doom Eternal available on?

Doom Eternal is available on various platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.


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