Top Games on Meta Quest 3 Best Rating And Review

Top Games on Meta Quest 3 Best Bating And Review

Experience gaming nirvana with Meta Quest 3, the epitome of VR headsets. Elevate your gameplay with upgraded hardware and innovative features.

Our top picks include the timeless Beat Saber, the fun-filled Walkabout Mini Golf, and the epic Asgard’s Wrath II. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer, our expert guide ensures a seamless and enjoyable VR adventure directly on your Meta Quest 3 headset. Explore the possibilities and dive into the future of gaming!

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Asgard’s Wrath 2:

Top Games on Meta Quest 3

If you’ve been patiently waiting for a reason to step into the immersive world of VR, Asgard’s Wrath 2 might just be the game-changer you’ve been anticipating.

This ambitious open-world RPG not only delivers on the promise of a massive, high-budget virtual reality experience but goes above and beyond by reinventing itself multiple times in its exhilarating 90+ hour runtime.

With four distinct playable characters, each offering a unique and thrilling experience, mastering them all becomes a captivating journey.

The game’s deep RPG mechanics, plethora of secrets to uncover, and addictive combat make it challenging to take off the headset. Every dungeon is a dynamic adventure, surpassing previous virtual reality achievements.

Asgard’s Wrath 2 is not just a game; it’s a landmark, once-in-a-blue-moon experience that stands out in a year filled with excellent releases.

Amidst a sea of quality games, this stands as one of the favorites, offering an extraordinary blend of innovation, excitement, and sheer gaming brilliance.


Sanzaru Games faced the daunting task of following up the critically acclaimed Asgard’s Wrath with a sequel, especially after being acquired by Facebook’s Oculus Studios. Asgard’s Wrath earned its stripes as one of the few AAA VR games, standing alongside notable titles like Half-Life: Alyx, Lone Echo, and Stormland.

The Challenge:

Creating a sequel that not only outshines its predecessor but also caters to the standalone capabilities of the Quest 2 and Quest 3 presented a unique challenge. Expectations ran high, with gamers eager to see if Asgard’s Wrath 2 could maintain its excellence on the more compact, mobile chip-powered devices.

Unveiling the Epic:

Asgard’s Wrath 2 lives up to the hype, offering a vast, captivating, and visually stunning experience. In this action RPG with a divine twist, you, as a god, traverse the Egyptian landscape, battling foes, solving puzzles, and enhancing both human and animal companions. The game’s expansive scale becomes evident as you delve into its intricacies, with a rogue-like sub-game seamlessly woven into the narrative.

Gameplay Brilliance:

As an action RPG, Asgard’s Wrath 2 boasts satisfying melee-based combat, introducing elements like weapon throwing and telekinetic retrieval. The game cleverly incorporates divine and mortal perspectives for puzzles, preventing the combat from feeling repetitive during its extensive 60+ hours of gameplay.

Visual and Audio Excellence:

Presentation-wise, the game excels with polished graphics, an intuitive UI, and a captivating recap experience before diving into gameplay. Recent updates enhance graphics on Quest 3, with improvements in resolution and frame rate. The audio complements the visual prowess, delivering a solid soundtrack, excellent voice acting, and immersive sound design.

Minor Critiques:

While Asgard’s Wrath 2 may not match the graphical fidelity of its predecessor, it more than compensates with its overall gaming experience. Some might find the enemy variety lacking, but the game offsets this with diverse playable characters, followers, puzzles, and skill trees.

Pros and Cons:

Incredible scopeStandalone Only?
Great CombatPotentially Repetitive Combat
Fantastic Art direction
Free Uncharted Rifts!


Asgard’s Wrath 2 stands as a testament to Sanzaru Games’ expertise and Meta’s foresight in acquiring the studio. Whether acquired with a Quest 3 or purchased for Quest 2, this game offers exceptional value. It solidifies itself as a pinnacle in standalone VR, joining the ranks of standout releases like Assassin’s Creed: Nexus and Arizona Sunshine 2. Asgard’s Wrath 2 is a must-play, showcasing VR’s capabilities and reaffirming Sanzaru’s prowess in crafting immersive gaming experiences.

Supernatural: Unreal Fitness

Supernatural: Unreal Fitness


During a recent visit to Best Buy, an unexpected scene unfolded – families eagerly queuing up to try out the Meta Quest 3, the latest in virtual reality (VR) gaming. While many view the Quest 3 as a holiday gaming console for their kids, there’s a hidden gem that parents might not be aware of – a fitness app named Supernatural.

Fitness Revolution:

Supernatural, an immersive fitness app, transforms workouts into an exhilarating experience. Tested on the Meta Quest 3 and Quest 2, Supernatural combines the best features of VR gaming with high-energy fitness routines. It’s more than just a game; it’s a workout revolution.

VR for Everyone:

Parents exploring the Quest for their kids may discover a dual-purpose device. While the youngsters enjoy gaming, parents can embrace Supernatural as a fitness solution. This app opens a gateway to fun and effective workouts, making treadmill and spin bike routines seem outdated.

The Supernatural Experience:

Supernatural offers boxing and flow workouts, set against stunning global backdrops. Whether swinging virtual boxing gloves or lightsaber-like batons, users engage in rhythm-based workouts guided by energetic coaches. The app’s addictive nature quickly converts fitness routines into enjoyable, daily rituals.

Personal Fitness Journey:

Paired with an Apple Watch, Supernatural tracks heart rate, providing insights into the workout’s effectiveness. Users report cardio benefits equivalent to traditional exercises, creating a compelling case for integrating Supernatural into daily fitness routines.

Beyond Repetition:

Unlike traditional workouts, Supernatural keeps things fresh with diverse routines, adding meditation and stretching activities. The app’s creators emphasize its gentle approach, making it accessible for those recovering from injuries or seeking an effective yet low-impact workout.

Unreal Fitness Campaign:

Supernatural’s “Unreal Fitness” marketing campaign, featuring scenic Icelandic landscapes, perfectly captures the app’s pace, music, and coaching. The visuals showcase the Quest 3’s advantages – lightweight, wireless, comfortable, and boasting improved graphics.

Future of VR Fitness:

While the Meta Vision Pro looms on the horizon, expected to bring attention to VR, AR, and mixed reality, its initial focus won’t include fitness. Supernatural on the Quest 3 offers a unique and transformative fitness experience that Vision Pro’s weight and price tag cannot match.

Embracing the Supernatural Lifestyle:

Personal experience reveals Supernatural’s grip – a 30-minute Quest 3 glitch sparked a yearning for its workouts. As an alternative to traditional exercise equipment, Supernatural becomes not just a fitness app but a lifestyle upgrade.

Considering the Investment:

To dive into Supernatural, a Quest 3 or Quest 2 (discounted to $200-$300) and a Supernatural subscription ($10/month or $100/year) are required. While an investment, it rivals the cost of fitness equipment or gym memberships. Meta offers attractive bundles for a complete Supernatural experience.

Pros and Cons:

Immersive and enjoyable fitness appScreen time may conflict with a desire for a break
Transforms workouts into daily ritualsOccasional technical glitches (potential downtime)
Integrates with Apple Watch for trackingInitial investment (Quest 3 or Quest 2, subscription)
Diverse and fresh workout routinesSweating may require additional accessories
Appeals to various fitness levelsScreen maintenance (consider a silicone cover)
Stunning visuals and global backdropsDependency on VR headset for app functionality


Supernatural on the Meta Quest 3 transcends the realm of fitness apps. It’s a testament to VR’s potential beyond gaming. The investment isn’t just in technology but in a lifestyle shift towards enjoyable and motivating workouts. If you’re ready for a fitness revolution, Supernatural is the key.

The Light Brigade:

The Light Brigade

Embark on a courageous journey into darkness with The Light Brigade, a VR game that stands out for its bold gameplay and confidence in the gaming arena. Developed by Funktronic, the game’s massive launch-day confidence is well-founded, as The Light Brigade proves to be nothing short of fantastic.

Into the Fray:

In the realm of roguelike games on Meta Quest, The Light Brigade faces off against its main rival, In Death: Unchained. However, this game introduces an arsenal of guns, each more enjoyable than the last. The gameplay is superb, with satisfying weapon handling and streamlined reloading. Unlike its competitors, it boasts six distinct character classes, each wielding a unique main weapon, providing a dynamic and engaging experience.

Unleash the Arsenal:

As humanity’s last hope named Connor, players traverse battlegrounds, battling evil forces, defeating bosses, and rescuing fellow Light Brigadiers. The journey is not without its rewards – unlocking upgrades, perks, and various weapons along the way. The game’s procedural generation keeps things fresh, ensuring a unique experience with every playthrough.

Artistic Excellence:

The Light Brigade excels not only in gameplay but also in its atmospheric art design. The foggy landscapes, while aiding the Quest’s draw distances, enhance the game’s ominous tone. The art direction, tailored to the Quest’s strengths, immerses players in a visually captivating world.

Sonic Immersion:

One of the game’s standout features is its impeccable sound design, turning every action into a palpable experience. From the thwoop of a gun to the explosion of a soul container, the attention to detail is evident. Graphical flourishes, like holographic tarot cards and particle effects, showcase the care invested in the game.

Epic Journey:

With around 12 hours of gameplay, The Light Brigade consistently surprises players with new challenges, enemy types, and unexpected moments. Boss battles require diverse strategies, offering a refreshing departure from the spam attacks of similar titles.

Minor Shadows:

While not without minor glitches, such as occasional load time hiccups and close-controller collisions during pistol reloading, these issues hardly detract from the overall enjoyment. A craving for more content remains the game’s most significant drawback.

Pros And Cons:

Engaging Gameplay VarietyLoad Time Issues
Procedurally Generated LevelsController Collision Glitch
Atmospheric Art DesignGraphical Imperfection
Immersive Sound DesignDesire for More Content
Surprising Elements

Overall Impression: The Light Brigade, with its engaging gameplay, atmospheric design, and immersive sound, stands out as a top-tier Meta Quest game, offering a compelling experience for fans of the rogue like genre. While minor issues exist, they do little to diminish the overall enjoyment of this VR masterpiece.


The Light Brigade shines as one of the Meta Quest’s top games, seamlessly blending engaging gameplay, captivating visuals, and immersive sound design. While minor flaws exist, they pale in comparison to the overall excellence of this roguelike masterpiece. An easy recommendation for enthusiasts of the genre, The Light Brigade elevates itself to the upper echelons of Meta Quest gaming.

What The Bat?

What The Bat?

Get ready for a bat-out-of-the-box VR experience with ‘What the Bat?‘ from What The Games?, the creative minds behind the offbeat ‘What The Golf?’ This game, however, has little to do with baseball or any traditional bat-involved sports.

Quirky Bat Adventures

In ‘What the Bat?’, you step into the shoes, or rather, the bat hands, of the protagonist, guiding them through a series of quirky, quick-fire levels. From mundane tasks like brushing teeth to playing fetch with a dog, and even manning a cash register at work – all with bat hands.

Simulated Chaos: A Dash of Job Simulator, a Pinch of Tentacular

The game shares similarities with Job Simulator, featuring static gameplay and close-proximity mini-games. The intentionally wonky physics and unrealistic elements, reminiscent of Tentacular, add a touch of delightful chaos. Aim-assist comes into play, sparing players the struggle of nailing the perfect angle and power with their bat hands.

Musical Surprises and Delightful Details

Accompanied by upbeat, bouncy music that matches the colorful cartoon art style, ‘What the Bat?’ surprises with a clever music gimmick. When gazing at your in-game imaginary friend, a big blue elephant, the music shifts to include more bass with a tuba-like sound, showcasing attention to detail.

Absurd Humor: Where Bowling Meets Elephant Shenanigans

Adding to the charm is the game’s absurd and borderline surreal sense of humor. Each mini-game starts simple and evolves into bizarre and consistently funny scenarios, keeping the gameplay fresh and amusing.

Not Your Typical Game: Embracing Simplicity

Despite its intentional simplicity and lack of deep narrative or cutting-edge visuals, ‘What the Bat?’ thrives on its unique style and tone. Comparing it to AAA games is like comparing Nintendo’s Warioware series to their more cinematic titles like Zelda – each serves a different purpose.

Compact Fun: Good Things in Small Packages

Although not a room-scale game and not optimized for seated play, ‘What the Bat?’ demands a bit more space than some standing experiences. It’s undeniably a ‘small’ game in terms of levels and file size, but it embraces the cliché that good things come in small packages.

Pros and Cons

Absurd HumorLimited Gameplay (100 levels, ~4 hours of play)
Quick-Fire LevelsSmall File Size (0.5 GB)
Unique and Quirky ExperienceSpecific Art Style and Tone
Clever Music GimmickNot Room-Scale or Optimized for Seated Play
Intentionally Wonky PhysicsMay Not Appeal to Everyone’s Taste
Aim-Assist for Easy GameplayLimited Depth (No Deep Story or Cinematics)
Varied Mini-Games with Bizarre TwistsRequires Moderate Play Area
Colorful Cartoon Art Style
Polished Product with Attention to Detail

The Quirky Journey: A Hundred Levels of Whimsy

With a hundred levels offering around four hours of gameplay, ‘What the Bat?’ might not appeal to everyone due to its quick-fire style and absurd humor. However, if you enjoyed games like Job Simulator or Warioware, this quirky pick-up-and-play title is worth checking out.”

Marvel’s Iron Man VR

Marvel's Iron Man VR

Experiencing Marvel’s Iron Man VR has truly blown my mind, fulfilling a dream of stepping into the shoes of Iron Man in a virtual reality setting. As a devoted Marvel superfan since the debut of the first MCU superhero on the silver screen, the game holds a special place in my heart.

The game offers an unprecedented virtual reality experience, allowing players to engage in intense fighting gameplay scenes with magnificent VFX and realistic graphics. The portrayal of Tony Stark, voiced by Josh Keaton, adds an extra layer of authenticity to the Iron Man persona. Keaton’s tremendous performance effortlessly brings the character to life.

Flying around in Iron Man’s armor suit with the Virtual Reality Oculus has been a game-changer for me and the video game industry as a whole. The immersive experience goes beyond expectations, providing a unique and thrilling encounter with the iconic superhero.

Special mention goes to the voice actress for F.R.I.D.A.Y., whose portrayal resonates with the F.R.I.D.A.Y. from the MCU movies. Her beautiful and angelic voice enhances the overall gameplay experience.

Moreover, the female characters in Iron Man VR, including Pepper Potts, F.R.I.D.A.Y., and Ava Starr aka Ghost, are impeccably portrayed. Their beauty and attractiveness add another layer of appeal to the Marvel universe within the video game.

In essence, Marvel’s Iron Man VR has exceeded my expectations, offering a one-of-a-kind experience that celebrates the superhero legacy in the gaming world.

Tony Stark’s Dual Life

In Iron Man VR, players step into the shoes of Tony Stark, both inside and outside the iconic suit. Beyond the thrilling aerial combat, the game introduces slices of Tony’s daily life, adding a refreshing change of pace. While primarily for storytelling, these moments offer interactive elements in Stark’s home, providing depth to the character.

Narrative Shortcomings

The game’s storyline delves into Tony Stark’s internal struggle as a former war profiteer facing off against the villain Ghost. Despite entertaining aspects, the plot suffers from predictability and a straightforward presentation. Heavy exposition and disjointed missions contribute to a lack of emotional engagement. Serious moments occasionally clash with visual quirks, impacting the overall narrative experience.

Satisfying Superhero Gameplay

While the story may fall short, the true allure lies in the superhero experience as Iron Man. The gameplay features exhilarating aerial dogfights with additional objectives like defusing bombs. The unique flight controls, using hand repulsors, provide flexibility and a satisfying sense of nimbleness. Diverse combat against robotic drones demands strategic thinking beyond standard shooting.

Repetitive Patterns

Despite engaging combat, Iron Man VR grapples with content reuse. Limited enemy types and repeated locations make missions blend together. The game introduces superheroic moments, but the fights become familiar. The post-mission score attack element adds replay value, yet the repetitive nature may deter some players.

Customization and Progression

The game offers suit customization through earned research points. While the variety of upgrades allows experimentation, the static nature of progression diminishes its significance. Once preferred upgrades are obtained, further progression loses relevance, impacting long-term engagement.

Technical Achievements in VR

Iron Man VR shines in technical VR accomplishments. Despite occasional loading screen issues, the game optimally utilizes PSVR technology. Precise tracking of hands and head movement, even in 360-degree rotations, showcases a remarkable feat in PSVR capabilities.

In conclusion, Marvel’s Iron Man VR blends technical prowess with an enjoyable superhero experience. Despite narrative shortcomings and repetitive patterns, the game stands as a testament to the advancements in VR gaming.

After the original’s cliffhanger ending, finally returning to Moss’s storybook world was a wonderful and long-awaited treat. Who wouldn’t want to assist an adorable mouse in VR, helping them take down fearsome bosses and overcome platforming challenges in order to save the world? Moss: Book 2 wastes no time, kicking off moments after the first game’s ending and then building upon much of what made it so memorable, even when the aging PSVR tech its currently confined to can’t quite keep up.

Pros And Cons

Impressive use of PSVR technologyRepetitive missions
Enjoyable high-flying action gameplayBland and predictable storyline
Flexible flight controlsLimited enemy types
Technical achievements in VRContent reuse issues
Suit customization and progression optionsStatic progression system
Good utilization of PSVR capabilitiesFrustratingly long and frequent loading screens

Continuation of the Enchanting Tale

While playing Moss first is suggested (it’s only a few hours long and very good), Book 2 still manages to be a welcoming sequel for newcomers. Told like a fairy tale, it has you controlling both a mouse named Quill and the human-sized Reader flipping through her story yet again, this time as she’s hunted down by a winged tyrant called Tylan. The story may not be the strongest, but it’s a follow-up that at least improves on other aspects like worldbuilding.

Moss: Book II

Moss: Book II

An Expansive Adventure Awaits

Quill’s goal is to find the glass shards she needs to stop Tylan, navigating through diverse environments like a ruined castle, a garden conservatory, arctic mountains, a steel foundry, and more. Combat encounters with Arcane minions block her path, requiring strategic fights. Book 2 expands the previous roster of mechanical beetle enemies with new foes, like an armored shell variant and an unfortunate creature known as a ripper.

Enhanced Combat Dynamics

Combat, though familiar, introduces new options. Quill now wields not only a sword but also a hammer and a chakram, each offering a distinct playstyle. The variety adds flexibility, catering to different combat preferences. The fusion of platforming and combat is further enriched as each weapon has a special ability activated by the Reader.

Innovative Puzzle-Solving and Relationships

Puzzle-solving becomes integral to building the relationship between Quill and the Reader. The game focuses on interactions between the characters, creating heartwarming moments like high fives and hugs. The fusion of platforming, combat, and puzzles not only elevates gameplay but also strengthens the emotional connection with Quill.

Technical Constraints on the Journey

Despite Book 2’s success in maintaining the charm of its predecessor, it feels somewhat limited by the aging PSVR tech. The use of DualShock 4 controllers lacks the immersion provided by full motion controls, hindering the Reader’s direct interference in the game. The PlayStation camera’s limitations occasionally compromise design elements, highlighting the need for an upgrade in VR technology.

Pros And Cons

Seamless VR ExperienceRepetitive Combat Patterns
Engaging GameplayLimited Progression Impact
Variety in CombatAging PSVR Tech
Technical AchievementsNarrative Shortcomings
Story ImprovementPlatform Limitations

Visual Variety and Hidden Secrets

Moss: Book 2 boasts a greater level of thematic and design variety. Every world is well-detailed and colorful, making full use of the third-person gameplay to explore levels with a 360-degree view. The VR environment encourages players to stand up and search each level for hidden secrets, adding an interactive dimension to the exploration.

Tentacular Meta Quest

Tentacular Meta Quest

An Unexpected Love Affair

Tentacular, oh, what a captivating creature you are! You washed ashore like a giant squid, beckoning me to embrace your charm, and I willingly succumbed. As you consumed my time, delaying this review, here I stand, having completed your tale and embarked on side missions, attempting to articulate a review that captures the essence of my affection for a tentacled marvel.

A Monstrous Delight

Tentacular proves to be more colossal than its appearance suggests. While portraying a giant squid might hint at a simplistic experience, the game unfolds as a grand narrative, eloquently narrated and voiced by someone akin to a blend of Ian McKellen and John Hurt. One might initially perceive it as a short, child-friendly game, potentially dismissing it. However, that would be a monstrous mistake.

My Tentacles Are Yours

From the game’s inception, you acquaint yourself with the life of a giant squid. With only two tentacles under your control, the game masterfully immerses you in your stretchy, elastic appendages. Grabbing, throwing, and splashing water become second nature, creating an immersive, tangible world. As the lone representative of your species, the endearing bond with a human islander, considering herself your sister, sets the stage for a compelling story that unfolds gradually.

Terrifically Tentacular Gameplay

Beneath the adorable characters, whimsical voiceovers, and narrative lies a core of physics-based puzzles. The game starts with simple tasks—throwing, stacking, and mastering tentacle precision. The introduction of M.A.G.N.E.T.S., ingenious inventions that act like magnets, adds layers of complexity. The puzzles, ranging from easy to intricate, showcase a nuanced physics engine, elevating Tentacular‘s design to perfection.

Technical Marvels on Display

The presentation is nothing short of superb, evident from the game’s initiation. The graphics, appropriately cartoony and vibrant, exude love and meticulous attention. Every character is unique, every interaction feels purposeful, creating a palpable and joyful world. The VR experience is heightened with immersive chapter selection options and an options screen crafted with thoughtful detail.

A Symphony for the Senses

The sound design is equally splendid, with charming gibberish voices, spatially rich sound effects, and a dynamic soundtrack that complements the game’s varying tones. The delightful music enhances the whimsy, foreboding moments, and the excitement of the final chapter.

Tentaculous Odyssey

In a realm where brevity often overshadows depth, Tentacular stands as a generous and loving exception. Taking around 8 hours to complete, the game defies expectations, offering a complete experience rather than a mere snippet. Its cuteness is met with challenges, whimsy balanced with substance. Commendations are due to Firepunchd Games for delivering a game with heart, polish, and a thoroughness that extends to every corner.

Pros And Cons

1. Polished Presentation1. Potential Misconception about depth and target audience
2. Engaging Story2. Slight Learning Curve for precise tentacle interactions
3. Fantastic Physics Puzzles3. Exclusive to Oculus platform
4. Immersive VR Experience4. No Major Innovations in puzzle-solving format
5. Attention to Detail5. Full Price Tag might be perceived as relatively expensive
6. Dynamic Soundtrack
7. Generous Content
8. Accessible to All Players
9. Sandbox Mode for Creativity

Tentacular Triumph

Tentacular emerges as a class act, showcasing a fantastic blend of heart and polish. With stellar graphics, captivating sound, an endearing narrative, and engaging puzzles, it caters to fans of puzzlers and VR enthusiasts of all ages. It’s not just a game; it’s a delightful set of tentacles well worth the investment.

More Game Suggestions

Game TitleDeveloperRelease DateSizePriceDownload Link
ForeVR PoolForever Games Inc17th November 20222.15 GB$19.99Download
Among Us VRSchell Games, Innersloth LLC, and Robot Teddy10th November 2022757.26 MB$9.99Download
Premium BowlingSadetta4th June 20201.44 GB$19.99Download
PowerWash Simulator VRFuturLab2nd November 20232.12 GB$24.99Download
Synth RidersKluge Interactive31st October 20192.35 GB$24.99Download
StrideJoyWay Ltd5th August 20213.74 GB$14.99Download
Dungeons Of EternityOthergate5th October 20232.59 GB$29.99Download
Arcade LegendsLAI Games8th December 2022992.4 MB$24.99Download
Cook-OutResolution Games3rd September 2020670.5 MB$19.99Download
Smash DrumsPotamworks SAS2nd December 20211.87 GB$19.99Download


What are the key differences between Meta Quest 3 and its predecessor, Quest 2?

The Meta Quest 3 boasts several improvements over the Quest 2, including enhanced processing power for smoother graphics and gameplay. It features improved display technology for crisper visuals and reduced screen-door effect. Additionally, the Meta Quest 3 offers an upgraded tracking system, providing more accurate and responsive motion sensing. Users can expect an overall better VR experience with the latest hardware advancements.

Can I use Meta Quest 2 accessories with the Meta Quest 3?

Yes, many Meta Quest 2 accessories are compatible with the Meta Quest 3. This includes controllers, straps, and certain protective cases. However, it’s essential to check product specifications and compatibility details to ensure a seamless transition. While most accessories should work interchangeably, some features may be optimized for the Meta Quest 3, taking advantage of its improved hardware.

How does the Meta Quest 3 handle backward compatibility with existing VR titles?

The Meta Quest 3 maintains a strong focus on backward compatibility, allowing users to access a vast library of VR games and experiences available for the Meta Quest platform. Most titles that run on the Quest 2 should be compatible with the Meta Quest 3. However, developers may release updates to optimize certain games for the new hardware, taking advantage of improved performance and graphics capabilities. It’s recommended to check the Meta Quest store or individual game details for information on compatibility and any potential updates.


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