Ultimate Guide to Solving Matilda’s School Report in Reverse 1999

reverse 1999 matilda's school report

Introduction to Reverse 1999

Overview of the Game

Welcome to The Gamers Talk and in out new post about Reverse 1999 matilda’s school report: is a captivating RPG set against the backdrop of the 20th century, intertwining a unique time-travel theme. Developed by Bluepoch, the game stands out for its cinematic adventure, blending various art styles and featuring full English voice acting with authentic accents. Players take on the role of the Timekeeper, navigating through different time periods to save Arcanists from the catastrophic “Storm” that occurred on the last day of 1999.

The Significance of Matilda’s School Report

Within this time-hopping adventure, players encounter a series of puzzles and riddles, one of which is Matilda’s School Report. This particular challenge is not just a test of wit but a crucial puzzle that adds depth to the storyline and character development. Understanding and solving this riddle is key to progressing in the game and unlocking the rich narrative that reverse 1999 matilda’s school report has to offer.

Deep Dive into Matilda’s School Report Riddle

The Riddle Unveiled

At a certain point in the game, specifically in Chapter 10, “The Origin Butterfly,” players are presented with a perplexing school report belonging to Matilda Bouanich. The score is deliberately obscured, with only a cryptic note visible: โ€œThe number of points I needed to reach full marks is exactly the number implied by h-h-her name. Why? Why?!โ€ This sets the stage for a challenging puzzle that requires more than just a simple calculation.

Exploring the Clues

To unravel this mystery, players must dissect the available clues and understand their implications deeply.

The Score Range

The riddle implies a scoring system ranging from 1 to 100, indicating that the solution lies within this numerical spectrum. This is a crucial starting point for any player attempting to crack the code.

Matilda’s Academic Excellence

Matilda is portrayed as a character destined for greatness, highly intelligent and talented. This background information suggests that her score would be near perfection, narrowing down the range of possible solutions.

The Sonetto Connection

A pivotal clue lies in the mention of “h-h-her name,” which refers to Sonetto, translating to ‘sonnet’ in Italian. Sonnets, known for their 14-line structure, provide the final piece of the puzzle needed to deduce Matilda’s score.

Comprehensive Clue Analysis

Interpreting Matilda’s Score

Understanding the significance of the Sonnet and its 14 lines is crucial in solving Matilda’s School Report riddle. Given Matilda’s portrayed intelligence and the hint towards Sonetto, we can deduce that the number of points she needed to reach a perfect score of 100 is 14. Therefore, Matilda’s actual score is 100 minus 14, which equals 86.

Alternative Strategies and Perspectives

While the mathematical approach provides a clear solution, it’s also insightful to consider narrative analysis and deductive reasoning. Matilda’s academic prowess and the cryptic hint embedded in her name encourage players to think beyond numbers and explore the character’s background and story implications.

Step-by-Step Solution to the Riddle

reverse 1999 matilda's school report

The Mathematical Approach

  1. Understanding the Highest Possible Score: Recognize that the grading system in Matilda’s report ranges from 1 to 100.
  2. Analyzing Matilda’s Character: Acknowledge Matilda’s high academic standing and her near-perfect score.
  3. Decoding the Sonnet Reference: Connect “h-h-her name” to Sonetto, which means sonnet, a 14-line poem.
  4. Calculating the Score: Subtract 14 (the number of lines in a sonnet) from 100 to arrive at 86.

Alternative Strategies and Perspectives

  • Narrative Analysis: Explore the game’s story and character dialogues for hidden clues and deeper meanings behind the riddle.
  • Deductive Reasoning: Use logical deduction based on the game’s narrative and character information to infer the solution.

Implications and Rewards

Completing the Riddle

Solving Matilda’s School Report not only advances the player in the game but also unveils deeper aspects of the storyline and character development. The solution reinforces the thematic elements of intelligence, creativity, and the significance of understanding each character’s background.


Upon solving the riddle, players are rewarded with not only progression in the game but also specific in-game items or points, enhancing the gaming experience and providing a sense of achievement.


Are there alternative methods to solve the Matilda School Report riddle in Reverse 1999?

While the primary method to solve the riddle involves deducing the significance of the sonnet and its 14 lines, the game encourages exploration and attention to detail. Players should pay close attention to character dialogues and in-game lore, as these might offer additional hints or alternative perspectives that could lead to the same or additional insights related to the riddle.

What should I do if I’m stuck on Matilda’s School Report riddle?

If you find yourself stuck, consider revisiting the game’s storyline and paying closer attention to the dialogues involving Matilda and references to literature or poetry. Sometimes, taking a step back and approaching the riddle from a different angle or after a break can provide new insights. Additionally, engaging with the Reverse 1999 community through forums or social media can provide helpful tips and strategies from fellow players.

How does solving the Matilda School Report riddle affect my gameplay in Reverse 1999?

Solving Matilda’s School Report riddle is crucial for progressing through the game, as it unlocks further chapters and reveals deeper layers of the storyline. Beyond mere progression, it enriches the player’s understanding of the characters and the narrative, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Successfully solving such puzzles also contributes to a sense of achievement and can positively impact the player’s strategy and engagement with future challenges in the game.

Common Player Inquiries

  • Alternative Solutions to the Riddle: While the primary solution is based on the sonnet’s 14 lines, players often wonder if there are alternative interpretations or hidden clues within the game.
  • Strategies for Players Stuck on the Riddle: Tips include paying close attention to the game’s narrative, revisiting character dialogues, and exploring each character’s backstory for potential hints.

Expert Tips and Tricks

  • Advice from Seasoned Players: Engage with the community, participate in forums, and share insights to gain different perspectives on solving the game’s puzzles.
  • Resources for Additional Help: Utilize game guides, walkthroughs, and developer insights available online to navigate challenging sections of the game.


The riddle of reverse 1999 matilda’s school report epitomizes the intricate puzzles and rich storytelling that define the game. By delving into the clues, analyzing the narrative, and applying deductive reasoning, players unlock not only the solution to the puzzle but also a deeper understanding of the game’s characters and themes.

Further Reading and Resources

For more insights, strategies, and solutions to enhance your Reverse 1999 gameplay, explore additional guides, character analyses, and community forums dedicated to the game. Engaging with the broader gaming community can provide valuable tips and enrich your gaming experience.


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