Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Maps Exits Latest Updates

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Maps Exits Latest Updates

Welcome to The Gamers Talk. Escape from Hell” is a survival horror game that plunges players into the terrifying world of the infamous Sawyer family. Set in the eerie backwoods of Texas, players must navigate through dark forests, decrepit buildings, and twisted mazes while being relentlessly pursued by Leatherface and his cannibalistic kin. With limited resources and a constant sense of dread, players must uncover the secrets of the Sawyer family and find a way to escape their clutches before becoming the next victim.


In the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, every map is like stepping into a nightmare for the victims. Each one is a whole new terrifying challenge. To escape, you might need to find keys to unlock doors, gather missing parts to fix machines, or figure out how to turn off electric gates. But here’s the catch: you’ve got to do it all without getting caught by the creepy family chasing you! Check out these maps below. They’re full of exits you need to find, and each one has its own creepy twist on how to unlock them. Good luck!

All Exits on Every Map in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

In the spine-chilling game Texas Chainsaw Massacre, there are three maps designed to haunt your nightmares. Each maze-like map is a horrifying labyrinth brimming with traps and perils. To make it out alive, victims must locate one of the four exits concealed within each map. But escaping isn’t easy โ€“ players must navigate through the darkness while evading the relentless pursuit of the psychotic Sawyer family. Whether unlocking doors, gathering crucial items, or deactivating deadly traps, every step could mean the difference between survival and becoming another victim of Leatherface’s gruesome legacy. Share your survival strategies and secrets in the comments, and may you emerge unscathed from the nightmare.

All Exits on Gas Station Map in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

All Exits on Gas Station Map in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

1 Car Battery Exit:

 Located in the upper west yard of the gas station. To escape, you’ll need to disable an electrified gate and unlock the main gate. Find the car battery nearby, usually to the east or south of the gate. Turn off the electricity by disconnecting the car battery, then use an unlock tool to open the gate and make your escape.

2 Pressure Valve Exit

: Situated in the southern part of the yard. Similar to the car battery exit, you’ll have a few tasks to complete here. Search for the pressure valve control part hidden somewhere on the map. It could be in the house living room, near the barn, around the exterior of the house, or near the compound. 3 Once you have it, repair the pressure valve to open the exit.

All Exits on Gas Station Map in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

3 Generator Exit:

 Found in the northeastern part of the gas station. This exit is simpler but riskier due to the open space. Break the generator, which is usually just south of the gate, to disable the lock. Interact with it to break it, then run for the exit.

4 Road Exit:

 Located on the very eastern side of the gas station. This exit is the easiest to unlock โ€“ simply open the gate. However, it’s also dangerous because it’s patrolled by the Family. Keep an unlock tool handy, wait for the right moment, and make a quick escape.

All Exits on Slaughterhouse Map in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

All Exits on Slaughterhouse Map in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

1 Generator Exit:

 This exit is in the northwest of the Slaughterhouse yard, accessible through the loading dock. Just like in the Gas Station, you’ll need to disable the generator to open the gate. But here’s the twist: the gate is electrified, so make sure the light beside it turns green after shutting down the generator. The generator is usually nearby, in the yard where the gate is located.

3 Pressure Valve Exit:

 Found toward the centre of the Slaughterhouse map, north of the house near a junkyard area. To unlock this exit, you’ll need to find the water valve, similar to the Gas Station. It can spawn in various places: 

near the facility backdoor, by the windmill, or outside the building. Once you find it, head to the basement to connect it to a pump. Attach it to one of two pumps, found in the Boiler Room or Leatherface’s lair. After connecting and overloading the system, the exit unlocks, but be ready to run!

3 Car Battery Exit:

 Located in the southeastern parking lot area. To use this exit, you’ll need to disable an electrified gate and unlock it. Follow the yellow wire from the gate to find the car battery it’s connected to. Turn it off and then use an unlock tool to open the gate.

4 Fusebox Exit:

 Situated in the southern part of the map, in the basement of the house. This exit is trickier. Find the missing fuse, which can spawn in several spots: near the facility courtyard, in the garage, the meat inspection room, or the cutting room. Then, locate the fuse box, either between the exterior and cattle chutes or near the facility’s backdoor. Arrange the fuses so that the number in each row equals the listed amps on the right. Once done correctly, you’ll have a few minutes to make a run for the basement exit door and escape.

All Exits on Family House Map in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

All Exits on Family House Map in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

1 Car Battery Exit:

 Situated on the eastern side of the map, this exit offers a relatively simple escape route. Follow the electric wires from the gate to locate the car battery, usually nearby. Turn off the car battery to deactivate the electricity. With the power off, use an unlock tool to open the gate and make your escape.

2 Fuse Box Exits:

 Found in the basement on the northern side, there are two exits operated by the fusebox. Search for a fuse in either the living room or Grandpa’s room. Insert the fuse into the correct slot of the fusebox, located in either the Hitchhiker’s room or the luggage room. Match the number of fuses with the amp amount to successfully activate the exits.

3 Pressure Valve Exit:

Positioned on the northeast side of the yard, this exit requires finding the missing water valve piece. Search areas like the barn, bathroom, or luggage room. Once found, place it on the water pump near the pressure gate to trigger the exit.

4 Generator Exit:

Located on the eastern side, this exit entails disabling the generator by tracing the yellow wire from the gate. Ensure the power is off, indicated by a green light, before escaping through the gate.

Control Panel of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

MoveNavigate the character around the game environment
SprintIncrease the character’s movement speed
CrouchStealthily move and hide from enemies
InteractUse objects, open doors, and trigger actions
InventoryAccess and manage collected items
FlashlightIlluminate dark areas for visibility
WeaponEquip and use weapons for defence
Pause/MenuPause the game and access settings/menu
ActionPerform context-specific actions
MapView the in-game map for navigation

These controls allow players to manoeuvre through the game, interact with objects and enemies, manage inventory, and access various game features.

Gameplay Mechanics of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

The gameplay mechanics of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game encompass a blend of survival horror and stealth elements. Players must navigate through eerie environments while evading the relentless pursuit of the Sawyer family. Stealth is crucial for avoiding detection, with players needing to crouch and move quietly to stay hidden. Exploration plays a significant role as players search for items, clues, and exits scattered throughout the maps. Resource management is vital, requiring players to carefully ration their supplies and use them strategically to survive. Quick reflexes and sharp decision-making are necessary to outsmart the terrifying enemies and escape their clutches.

Playable Characters  of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

In the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game, players can embody various playable characters, each with their own unique attributes and abilities. These characters may include survivors attempting to escape the clutches of the Sawyer family or members of the infamous family themselves. Each character may have different strengths, weaknesses, and special skills that can affect gameplay. Players must choose their character wisely, considering factors such as speed, stealth, and combat prowess. The choice of character can significantly impact the player’s strategy and approach to survival, adding depth and replayability to the game experience.

Maps and Environments of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

Maps and environments in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game are meticulously crafted to evoke the eerie and foreboding atmosphere of the franchise. Players traverse through dark and twisted landscapes, including dense forests, decrepit buildings, and sinister underground tunnels. Each map presents its own unique challenges and hazards, from deadly traps set by the Sawyer family to menacing environmental obstacles. Exploration is key as players uncover hidden secrets, items, and clues scattered throughout the environments. The level design is immersive, with intricate details and atmospheric elements that heighten the sense of dread and tension. Players must navigate carefully through these haunting locales, utilising stealth, resourcefulness, and quick thinking to survive the horrors lurking within.

Items and Resources in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

In the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game, items and resources play a crucial role in survival against the relentless threats posed by the Sawyer family. Players scavenge various items scattered throughout the maps, including weapons, tools, and health supplies. Weapons range from makeshift melee weapons like axes and crowbars to firearms for more effective defence against enemies. Additionally, players may find tools to disable traps or unlock exits, enhancing their chances of escape. Health supplies such as first aid kits or painkillers restore health and stamina, crucial for enduring the intense challenges ahead. Resource management becomes essential as players must ration their supplies wisely, balancing offensive capabilities with defensive needs. Strategic use of items and resources is key to overcoming the horrors of the Sawyer family and surviving the nightmarish ordeal.

Community Guidelines 

Community guidelines for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game provide a framework for fostering a respectful and enjoyable gaming environment. They encourage players to engage in positive and constructive interactions while playing and interacting with fellow gamers. Respect for others, including avoiding harassment, discrimination, or offensive language, is emphasised to create a welcoming atmosphere for all players. Additionally, guidelines may outline rules regarding cheating, hacking, or exploiting game mechanics to maintain fairness and integrity within the community. Players are encouraged to report any violations of the guidelines to moderators or support staff for prompt action. Ultimately, adherence to community guidelines helps cultivate a vibrant and inclusive gaming community where players can immerse themselves in the thrilling world of Texas Chainsaw Massacre while respecting one another’s boundaries and enjoyment.

Pros and Cons

1. Intense Atmosphere1. Limited Replayability
2. Survival Horror Gameplay2. Lack of Multiplayer
3. Variety of Maps and Environments3. Technical Issues
4. Strategic Gameplay4. Steep Learning Curve


Is the game based on the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie?

Yes, the game is inspired by the iconic horror film franchise, featuring elements and characters from the series.

What platforms is the game available on?

The game is available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, allowing players to experience the terror on their preferred gaming system.

Is the game multiplayer or single-player only?

The game primarily focuses on single-player gameplay, immersing players in a solo experience of survival horror. However, some versions may offer additional multiplayer features or modes.

How does the game incorporate elements of horror and survival?

The game combines elements of horror and survival gameplay, tasking players with navigating terrifying environments, avoiding deadly traps, and outsmarting the Sawyer family while striving to escape their clutches. It emphasises tension, resource management, and strategic thinking to survive the nightmarish ordeal.

Final Words 

In conclusion, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game offers players an immersive and thrilling experience steeped in the iconic horror franchise. With its intense atmosphere, survival horror gameplay, and diverse range of maps and environments, the game successfully captures the essence of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. Players are challenged to navigate through terrifying landscapes, evade deadly traps, and outsmart the menacing Sawyer family while striving to survive and escape. While the game may have some limitations, such as limited replayability and technical issues, its strengths lie in its strategic gameplay, intense atmosphere, and faithful adaptation of the franchise. Overall, for fans of horror and survival games, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game provides an adrenaline-pumping journey into terror, offering hours of suspenseful gameplay and unforgettable horror experiences. Whether facing Leatherface or navigating treacherous environments, players are sure to find themselves immersed in the chilling world of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


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