Peroxide Trello, Discord, & Game Page Links

Peroxide Trello, Discord, & Game Page Links

Peroxide is a **popular** Roblox All Genres game created by [Peroxide]. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive guide on Peroxide, including details from the **Peroxide Wiki**, Trello Walkthrough, Tier List, and Codes. Additionally, I’ll keep you updated on the latest developments within the game.

Peroxide Trello?

Peroxide boasts a Trello page packed with everything you could possibly need to know about the game. From FAQ answers to comprehensive lists of moves, guides covering various game modes, and detailed explanations of items, it’s a goldmine of essential information.

Moreover, you’ll find valuable tips on conquering raids and defeating bosses, along with insights into character progression. If you’re serious about mastering the game or climbing to the top of the leaderboard, utilising this Trello page is absolutely essential.

Peroxide Trello Link

**Peroxide** has its own **Trello page** where you can uncover a wealth of information about the game. From **FAQ answers** to comprehensive **lists of moves**, guides covering various **game modes**, and detailed **explanations** of items, it’s a true treasure trove of essential game knowledge.

Additionally, you’ll find helpful **tips** on conquering different **raids** and defeating **bosses**, along with insights into **character progression**. If you’re serious about excelling in the game or aiming for the top of the leaderboard, utilising this Trello page is an absolute necessity.

Peroxide Discord Link

A **Discord link** functions as a URL that grants access for fans to join a designated server or community on Discord. Discord itself is widely known as a communication platform, particularly popular among gamers. Server administrators have the ability to create these links and distribute them to others, inviting them to join a specific server within Discord. These servers often cater to diverse communities, offering a variety of content curated by the administrators.

For fans of **Roblox: Peroxide**Here’s the official Discord link. This server is brimming with intriguing content tailored specifically for enthusiasts of the game. Within, they’ll discover a plethora of engaging material, including:

Peroxide Trello & Important Links

If you’re on the hunt for the Roblox Peroxide Trello, look no further! Here’s the link, along with other crucial pages:h

Peroxide Discord Server Link

The official Peroxide Discord Server link serves as your gateway to the vibrant community of this Roblox adventure. Within the Peroxide Discord server, you’ll find an array of opportunities to connect with fellow players, engage with developers, seek assistance when you’re stuck, and stay informed about the latest updates and Peroxide codes.

By joining the Peroxide Discord server, you’ll gain access to a variety of features including:

  • Polls for community input
  • Exciting Giveaways
  • Important Announcements
  • A platform for submitting Bug reports
  • Detailed Update logs
  • Dedicated Technical support, and much more!

Roblox: Punch Simulator Codes

  • Premium Info: Get exclusive details and insights.
  • Premium Announcements: Stay ahead with early updates and news.
  • Premium Sneak Peeks: Get a first look at upcoming features and content.
  • Premium Events: Access special events and gatherings.
  • Premium Giveaways: Enjoy exclusive opportunities to win exciting prizes.
  • Soul Lorde Giveaway: Participate in a unique giveaway event.
  • Premium General: Engage in discussions and interactions exclusive to premium members.
  • Soul Lord’s Lair: Dive into a special section tailored for the elite.
  • Premium Suggestions: Have your say in shaping the premium experience.
  • Soul Voice Chat: Connect with other premium members through voice chat.
  • Mod Soul Voice Chat: Interact with moderators in exclusive voice channels.
  • Soul Lord Voice Chat: Engage in discussions with esteemed members in dedicated voice channels.
  • Game knowledge
  • Soul Reaper Progression
  • List of Shikai Moves
  • List of Bankai Moves
  • Hollow Progression
  • List of Resurrections Moves
  • List of Segundas Moves
  • Quincy Progression
  • List of Schrift Moves
  • List of Vollstandings Moves
  • Kido Abilities
  • Kenjutsu Abilities
  • Hollow Abilities
  • Quincy Abilities
  • Cybernetics
  • Items
  • NPCS
  • Locations
  • Raids
  • Crystals
  • Accessories
  • Training Equipment
  • Gamemodes
  • Official In-Game Factions
  • Trello Staff
  • Developers

Moves & Progression

The majority of the Trello board will be dedicated to showcasing moves for all the clans. This encompasses the various skills you can unlock for each clan, along with their respective rarities. You’ll find detailed information on all the stats, ways to obtain, perks, and any limitations associated with each move.

Modifiers Specifically,

The Trello board also provides detailed explanations about body modifiers. Specifically, it outlines the Cybernetics modifiers piece by piece, covering aspects like the Minigun, Heart, and Visor. You’ll discover information regarding the stats these modifiers can alter, as well as how to obtain them.

Moreover, the board lists items available for purchase in-store, along with their respective prices. This serves as a helpful reference for players aiming to save up for specific items. Additionally, items unlocked by defeating certain enemies are categorised and detailed under the Items section.


Within the Trello board, you’ll find a dedicated category for NPCs in Peroxide. These are the notable characters you’ll encounter throughout your journey. Each NPC brings something unique to the table, offering distinct character interactions and specific conversation cues.

The Trello meticulously outlines these conversations, detailing which NPC provides which quest, item, or benefit. Additionally, you’ll find descriptions of their locations, making it easier for players to navigate and engage with these pivotal characters.

Locations & Raids

The Location and Raids categories on the Trello board provide extensive information to players. They cover everything from the whereabouts of significant locations to strategies for successfully completing raids.

In the Location category, players can discover detailed descriptions of notable places within the game world. Whether it’s a hidden treasure trove or a bustling city, this section offers insights into where players can explore and uncover exciting adventures.

Meanwhile, the Raids category delves into the intricacies of tackling challenging raid missions. From the best team compositions to effective strategies, players can find all the information they need to conquer these formidable challenges and emerge victorious.

And that concludes everything you need to know about the official Trello link for **Peroxide**. A big thank you goes out to the developers for compiling this invaluable resource for players. If you’re hungry for more insights into **Peroxide**, be sure to explore our article on the **Terumi Vessel Guide & Showcase**.

Hollow Progression

The **Hollow Progression** refers to the advancement system within the game. It encompasses the development and growth of **Hollows**, entities within the game universe. As players progress, they unlock new abilities, enhance their powers, and evolve their Hollows to become stronger and more formidable entities.

Peroxide Controls

Here’s a breakdown of the essential controls you’ll need from the **Peroxide Trello link** and **Discord Server Wiki**:

Key CombinationFunctionality
ETake out your weapon
GUse a mode
NTeleport to your spirit realm/skill bind menu
VCarry NPCs, players, or objects
BGrip NPCs or players
F + M2Push Counter while getting hit

These commands cover all the crucial actions you’ll need to navigate through the game effectively. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to explore the updated **Peroxide Codes** in our dedicated **Roblox Games section** for some exciting freebies.

Become a Formidable Force in Peroxide

**Peroxide** players have the exciting opportunity to embrace different roles within the game, such as **soul reapers**, ****, or **arrancar/hollows**. This sets them on a thrilling journey filled with power quests and discoveries. The gameplay experience is divided between two main areas:

– **The Dojo**: Here, mini-games are designed to enhance players’ skills.

– **The Quest Board**: This offers tasks that propel players’ stats and levels upward.

One notable aspect of the game is the **Limit Break**. This marks a point where standard progression becomes more challenging. Players are required to diversify their activities, interacting with various NPCs, exploring the expansive terrain, and embarking on quests for enhanced rewards to avoid falling into monotony.

Acquiring **shikai/schrift** or **bankai/volt/segunda** represents a significant milestone in progression. However, players should keep in mind that game mechanics are dynamic and may evolve over time, which can impact the requirements for advancement.

 Discord Connections

The **Trello platform** acts as a meticulously organised hub, providing players with everything they need for their **Peroxide** experience. It offers a comprehensive guide covering various **game mechanics**, including different progression paths and abilities. Additionally, it delves into specifics about **items**, **NPCs**, **locations**, and more, serving as an exhaustive resource for players.

One of the platform’s notable features is its regular updates with **codes** for valuable in-game rewards, ensuring players stay engaged and rewarded for their dedication.

You Need Peroxide Trello Link

I had been hearing a lot of buzz about the game from my friends who were already hooked, so I decided to dive in and see what all the fuss was about. As soon as I started playing, I was blown away by the gameplay, but I wanted to delve deeper and understand it better. That’s when I immediately searched for the **Peroxide Trello page**, and let me tell you, I hit the jackpot!

Their Trello page is a treasure trove of information about every aspect of the game. From detailed lists of moves for **Soul Reapers**, **Hollows**, and **Quincies**, to regularly updated game info, you could see the dedication of both the community and the developers shining through.

I highly recommend checking out their Trello page for yourself. It felt like having an encyclopaedia of “Peroxide” right at my fingertips, and to top it off, they even offer redeem codes from time to time, which is incredibly useful.

One thing that really stood out to me was the progression guides for each character path. As a newbie, navigating such a vast game can be overwhelming, but the Trello page made it feel like I was on a guided tour. The detailed breakdown of **Kido**, **Kenjutsu**, **Hollow**, and **Quincy** abilities were a delight for someone like me who enjoys strategizing my gameplay.

Another highlight was the vibrant community interaction. The Trello page wasn’t just a static information board; it was alive with the energy of its users.

Both the Trello board and the Discord server serve as lifelines for players, whether you’re a newcomer trying to grasp the mechanics or a seasoned gamer in search of the latest updates. They provide a space to engage, learn, and thrive within the exciting world of “Peroxide.”

Peroxide Moves for All Races

Here’s a breakdown of the Shikai Moves and Bankai Moves in Peroxide:

Shikai MovesBankai Moves
ExplosionExplosion Bankai
WindWind Bankai
GravityGravity Bankai
FireFire Bankai
CloneClone Bankai
LightningLightning Bankai
GlacierGlacier Bankai

These moves represent the arsenal of abilities available to players as they progress through the game. Mastering these techniques is essential for unleashing devastating attacks and overcoming formidable foes in Peroxide.

List Of Resurrections Moves

Here’s a list of additional moves in Peroxide:

Resurrection Moves

These moves offer a diverse range of abilities, each with its own unique effects and strategies for players to explore and utilise in their quest for dominance within the game.

List of Segundas Moves

Here’s a comprehensive list of Segunda moves in Peroxide:

Segunda Moves
Music Segunda
Astra Segunda
Beast Segunda
Vessel Segunda
Acceleration Segunda
Manifest Segunda
Chaos Segunda

These Segunda moves represent the advanced forms of their respective abilities, providing players with increased power and versatility as they progress through the game.

List of Schrift Moves

Here are additional moves in Peroxide:

Additional Moves

These moves offer diverse capabilities, each contributing to the depth and strategy of gameplay within Peroxide.

List of Vollstandig Moves

Vollstandig Moves
Duality Vollstandig
Odyssey Vollstandig
Apocalypse Vollstandig
Eidolon Vollstandig
Forest Vollstandig
Oasis Vollstandig

These powerful Vollstandig moves represent the ultimate forms of their respective abilities, providing players with heightened abilities and strength as they progress through the game.

summarising the database list 

Database List
Tier List
Soul Reaper Clans
Resurrections Moves
Segunda Moves
Hollow Clans
Quincy Clans
Schrift Moves
Vollstandig Moves
Tips and Tricks
All Tips & Tricks
Kido Abilities
Kenjutsu Abilities
Quincy Abilities
Hollow Abilities
How to get Quincy Body Modifiers
Schrift Moves
Items Guide
NPCs Guide
Stats & Rank Up Guide
Resurrections Guide
About Peroxide

These categories cover a wide range of topics, providing players with essential information and strategies to enhance their gameplay experience in Peroxide.


How do I become a Hollow, Soul Reaper, or Quincy?

To transform into a Hollow, you must first die as a human and release your Soul. Then, hit the **G** key to extract your soul chain. To become a Soul Reaper, die as a human and converse with Kisuke under the NPCs category. To adopt the Quincy form, approach Gunther in the NPCs section as either a Human or Soul. Alternatively, speak with Yhwach in the NPCs area as an Arrancar (with a positive Vandenreich reputation) to become a Quincy attached to a Hollow clan, provided you are at least level 100. Your stats and level will be retained.

How can I access and upgrade abilities?

Abilities become accessible every three levels, indicated by the gear icon turning orange above your health bar. Clicking on it reveals cards representing unique abilities. Selecting a card unlocks the corresponding ability, including clan and Shikai/Res/Schrift powers. Further selecting the card for an already unlocked ability offers a chance to enhance your proficiency with that ability.

What are the limitations on stats?

Utility stats like Agility and Reiatsu are capped at 140 and can be extended to 154 after achieving Bankai/Segunda/Vollstandig. Combat-related stats like Vitality, Strength, and Spirit are restricted to 490 post-Bankai/Segunda/Vollstandig and 350 prior to that stage. A soft cap adjusts the experience requirements for each stat based on your progression level.


Peroxide is a captivating Roblox game developed by [peroxide] and launched on March 14, 2022. Within this immersive gaming experience, players embark on a journey of progression by choosing their race/class. Along the way, they encounter numerous quests that challenge their skills and wit.

  • Release Date: March 14, 2023
  • Developers: [peroxide]
  • Publishers: [peroxide]
  • Platform: Roblox
  • Genre: All Genres


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