Peroxide Codes: Discover Rewards (March 2024)

Peroxide Codes: Discover Rewards

Welcome To The Gamers Talk, If you’re seeking a game with a gentle learning curve, Peroxide isn’t the one for you. This Roblox experience, inspired by Bleach, features high-speed combat and three races to master, offering a thrilling challenge for fans. Prepare for an adventure as you wield your katana and dive into this fast-paced world.


Peroxide offers codes that can enhance your gaming experience with rewards like in-game currency, items, and boosts. These codes are periodically released by the developers and can be redeemed in-game for various benefits. To redeem a code, simply access the game and locate the code redemption option. Enter the code accurately to receive your reward instantly. Codes are often shared on the game’s official social media channels or through events and promotions. Keeping an eye out for new codes can help you progress faster and enjoy Peroxide to its fullest.

All Peroxide Codes List

All Peroxide Codes List

Working Peroxide Codes (Active)

290kLikesLOOLOLOL30 Product Essence
200MVisitsAwesome25 Product Essence
ValentinesDayButNoValentines45 Product Essences
FusionStopGamblingWorkOnTheGame25 Product Essence
15kSubsSoEpic25 Product Essence
FusionForgotHowToShutdownProduct Essence
190mVisitsThanks30 Product Essence
ThanksForPingingAhmed25 Product Essence
280kLikesThankYouForYourSupport25 Product Essence
180 VistsTroll Delay20 Product Essence
CodeCrittersVsBugFixersPart210 Product Essence
CodeCrittersVsBugFixers30 Product Essence

Expired Peroxide Codes

StopListeningToTrialMods15 Product Essence
HappyNewYearJoMamaJoeBiden1212120 Product Essence
Chungsmas30 Product Essence
170mVisitsGuys15 Product Essence
270kLikesOhHowJolly15 Product Essence
FBBossIncident15 Product Essence
FBUpdate1 Slot and 15 Product Essence
260kLikesWhatTheJoe15 Product Essence
ThanksGivingButAmerican30 Product Essence
Peroxide5kSubs20 Product Essence
Peroxide10kSubsFree Product Essence
160mVisitsWhatTheFB20 Product Essence
ImpostorvsCrewmate10 Product Essence
150mVisitsThanksForContinuedSupport10 Product Essence
ThxForSurvey20 Product Essence
BaskingSharkDay20 Product Essence
HalloweenOmg2Free Wungus
OOPS25 Product Essence
140mVisitsJoeBiden10 Product Essence
DevCelebrationRolandtimeFree Product Essence
250kLikesWungusApproves30 Product Essence
RobloxOutageNumber2Trillion15 Product Essence
130MVisitsHolyMoly20 Product Essence
Fungus Vs Roblox15 Product Essence
YTFat10 Product Essence
The Night The Fungus20 Product Essence
FusionIsAWungus25 Product Essence
120MVisitsTheVoices20 Product Essence
240kLikesChill20 Product Essence

Redeem Codes in Peroxide

To redeem codes in Peroxide, start by launching the game on Roblox. Once in the game, locate the Statistics icon in the upper left corner of the screen and click on it. This will open a popup menu where you should select “Settings.” In the Settings menu, you’ll find a text field labelled “Code Here.” Enter the code you want to redeem into this text field and press Enter. If the code is valid, you’ll receive your reward instantly. Keep in mind that codes expire, so it’s best to redeem them as soon as you can.

Get more Peroxide Codes

To get more codes for Peroxide, the best approach is to follow the game’s official social media accounts, including its Discord Server. Additionally, you can bookmark the Peroxide Trello board to stay updated on new codes added under the Codes card. Another helpful tip is to bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl+D, as it will keep you informed about the latest codes as they become available.

Peroxide Codes not Working

The Peroxide developer is responsible for creating and controlling all codes, including determining the rewards they offer and their expiration dates. If you try to use a code after it has expired, it will no longer work. Other reasons for a code not working include the code not being active yet or misspelling it. To avoid this issue, bookmark this page and check back regularly to see if new codes have been added or if any have expired. If you find that a code no longer works, please let us know so we can update the list accordingly.

Unlock Abilities in Peroxide

In Peroxide, you can learn new abilities by levelling up. Every three levels, you will receive cards that allow you to choose which skills to learn. These skills include Clan, Shikai, and Res abilities. Simply click on a card to unlock the corresponding ability. Keep an eye on your health bar, as it will turn orange to indicate that you can unlock a new ability. This system allows you to customise your character’s abilities and tailor your gameplay experience to suit your style.

Benefits of Using Peroxide Codes

Using Peroxide Codes in the game Peroxide can offer several benefits to players. Firstly, they provide a way to obtain in-game items, currency, or boosts for free, which can enhance the gaming experience without the need to spend real money. This can be especially beneficial for players who are looking to progress in the game but may not have the resources to do so otherwise. Additionally, Peroxide Codes can sometimes unlock exclusive rewards or items that are not available through other means, giving players a sense of accomplishment and uniqueness. Moreover, redeeming codes can also be a fun and engaging activity, as players hunt for new codes and anticipate the rewards they will receive. Overall, using Peroxide Codes can add depth and excitement to the game, rewarding players for their dedication and engagement.

Peroxide Codes Tips and Tricks

To make the most out of Peroxide Codes, consider these tips and tricks. Firstly, follow official Peroxide social media accounts and join the game’s community to stay updated on the latest code releases. Secondly, regularly check websites or forums dedicated to sharing game codes, as other players often share newly discovered codes. Thirdly, enable notifications for the game to receive alerts about new code releases directly. Fourthly, redeem codes as soon as possible, as they may have expiration dates. Fifthly, try to redeem codes on multiple platforms if the game is available on different devices, as some codes may be platform-specific. 

Peroxide Codes Exclusive Rewards

Peroxide Codes often unlock exclusive rewards that are not available through regular gameplay. These rewards can range from unique in-game items to special currency or boosts that give players an advantage. Exclusive rewards can include rare cosmetic items that allow players to customize their characters in ways not possible with standard items. They can also include special abilities or powers that can help players progress faster or overcome challenges more easily. Additionally, some codes may provide access to limited-time events or content that is only available to players who redeem the code. Overall, these exclusive rewards add value to Peroxide Codes and incentivize players to actively seek out and redeem them to enhance their gameplay experience.

Peroxide Codes for Beginners

For beginners in Peroxide, understanding how to use Peroxide Codes can provide a helpful boost early in the game. First, familiarise yourself with where and how to redeem codes within the game. Look for a dedicated “Redeem Codes” section in the game’s menu or settings. Next, start following Peroxide’s official social media accounts and join the game’s community to stay updated on new code releases. Additionally, search online for forums or websites that share Peroxide Codes, as other players often share codes they’ve discovered. When you find a code, copy it exactly as shown and paste it into the redemption box in the game.

Maximising Rewards with Peroxide Codes

To maximise rewards with Peroxide Codes, stay proactive in seeking out new codes. Follow Peroxide on social media, join their official community, and regularly check forums or websites dedicated to sharing game codes. Set up notifications for code releases to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities.

Additionally, redeem codes as soon as possible, as they may have limited availability or expiration dates. Some codes may offer better rewards than others, so prioritise codes that offer exclusive or valuable items.

Consider collaborating with other players to share codes and increase your chances of finding new ones. Some codes may be redeemable multiple times, so be sure to share them with friends or fellow players.

Peroxide Code Redemption Process

The redemption process for Peroxide Codes is straightforward. First, locate the “Redeem Codes” option in the game’s menu or settings. Click on this option to open the code redemption interface. Next, enter the code exactly as it appears, including any capitalization and special characters.

After entering the code, click on the “Redeem” button to submit it. If the code is valid and has not expired, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that the code has been successfully redeemed.

The rewards associated with the code will then be added to your account and can be accessed in-game. It’s important to note that some codes may have usage limits or expiration dates, so be sure to redeem them promptly.

If you encounter any issues during the redemption process, double-check the code for accuracy and ensure that it has not expired. If the problem persists, contact Peroxide’s customer support for assistance.

Control Panel

CodeDescriptionRewardsExpiration Date
PEROXIDE123Starter Pack1000 Coins, 5 BoostersN/A
EXCLUSIVE ITEMExclusive In-Game ItemUnique cosmetic item03/31/2024
BOOSTER BUNDLEBooster Bundle10 BoostersN/A
COMMUNITYREWARDSCommunity Rewards500 Coins, Community BadgeN/A
SPEEDYPLAYERSSpeedy Players PackSpeed Boost, 250 Coins04/15/2024

Community Guidelines

Clear Communication: 

Provide clear and concise information about Peroxide Codes, including how to redeem them, their benefits, and any restrictions or expiration dates.

Active Engagement: 

Regularly post new codes, updates, and announcements to keep the community engaged. Encourage members to share their experiences and feedback.

Respectful Behaviour: 

Encourage respectful and inclusive behaviour among community members. Set clear guidelines for interactions and enforce them consistently.

Reward Participation: 

Reward active community members with exclusive codes, in-game perks, or recognition to encourage continued engagement.

Feedback and Suggestions: 

Listen to feedback and suggestions from the community to improve the game and the community experience.


Appoint moderators to enforce community guidelines, address conflicts, and ensure a positive and welcoming environment for all members.

Events and Contests: 

Organise community events, contests, or challenges related to Peroxide Codes to foster a sense of community and friendly competition.


Collaborate with other communities, influencers, or content creators to expand your reach and attract new members to the community.

Pros and Cons

Provides free in-game rewardsSome codes may have limited availability
Enhances the gaming experienceCodes can expire, requiring timely redemption
Rewards players for engagement and loyaltyNot all codes offer significant rewards
Encourages community engagementRequires active participation to find new codes
Can unlock exclusive items and contentMay lead to reliance on codes for progression


How do I redeem Peroxide Codes?

To redeem Peroxide Codes, open the game and look for the “Redeem Codes” option in the menu or settings. Enter the code exactly as it appears, including any capitalization and special characters. Click “Redeem” to submit the code. If the code is valid and has not expired, you will receive the rewards associated with it.

Where can I find new Peroxide Codes?

New Peroxide Codes are often released through the game’s official social media accounts, community forums, and websites dedicated to sharing game codes. Follow Peroxide on social media, join the game’s community, and regularly check online forums and websites to stay updated on new code releases.

Do Peroxide Codes expire?

Yes, Peroxide Codes can expire. Each code may have an expiration date, which is typically mentioned when the code is released. It’s important to redeem codes promptly to ensure you receive the rewards before they expire.


Peroxide Codes is an integral part of the game’s community engagement strategy, offering players a way to obtain free in-game rewards. These codes, when redeemed, can provide various benefits such as in-game currency, items, boosts, and exclusive rewards. To redeem a code, players need to enter it in the game’s code redemption interface, typically found in the menu or settings. Codes are often released through official social media channels, community forums, and other promotional channels. Staying updated on new code releases and redeeming them promptly is key to maximising rewards. However, some codes may have expiration dates or limited availability, so it’s important to stay vigilant. Overall, Peroxide Codes enhance the gaming experience by rewarding players for their engagement and offering exclusive perks that can’t be obtained through regular gameplay.

If you know of any additional codes that work, feel free to share them in the comments below. Happy drifting!

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