Every Lego DC Super Villains Cheat Codes For Characters

Every Lego DC Super Villains Cheat Codes For Characters


Lego DC Super Villains Cheat Codes: Legos have been a favorite across various platforms, and Lego DC Super-Villains, released in 2018 by Traveller’s Tales, puts the DC supervillains in the spotlight. Players control villains attempting to take over the world, solving puzzles, battling heroes, and collecting items from the DC universe.

Top Lego DC Super Villains Characters

Top Lego DC Super Villains Characters

Using Lego DC Super-Villain cheat codes, you can get access to some powerful villain characters such as:

  • Adam Strange
  • Atrocitus
  • Black Canary
  • Blue Beetle
  • Clock King
  • Detective Chimp
  • Dex-Starr
  • Doctor Fate
  • Doctor Light
  • Doctor Poison
  • Firestorm
  • General Zod
  • Green Lantern (John Stewart)
  • Hawkgirl
  • Jessica Cruz
  • Lady Shiva
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Monsieur Mallah
  • Mr. Mxyzptik
  • Plastic Man
  • Ravager
  • Red Robin
  • Red Tornado
  • Star Sapphire
  • Terra
  • Trickster
  • Toyman

How to Use Lego DC Super-Villains Cheat Codes:

To redeem characters codes in Lego DC Super-Villains, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have completed the first chapter.
  2. Head over to the Joker’s fun house.
  3. Locate the Joker’s face and pull the lever next to it.
  4. Enter the secret door that unlocks after pulling the lever.
  5. Look for a Clown’s face.
  6. Stand next to it and press the specified key (K or B).
  7. Input a code from the list provided above.
  8. Enjoy unlocking and playing with the new characters!

Claiming Codes in Lego DC Super-Villains Cheat Codes is a straightforward process that adds an extra layer of fun and variety to your gameplay.

Lego DC Super Villains Cheat Codes

CharacterUnlock Code
Black CanaryQF7NT
Harley Quinn6NWX5
Doctor LightJNLPY
Adam StrangeQF7NT
Black CanaryND6AL
Blue Beetle8VV5Q
Clock KingZ6AU7
Detective ChimpBQWSG
Doctor FateKPTCC
Doctor Light6NWX5
Doctor PoisonGWWBS
General ZodD8577
Green Lantern (John Stewart)KNJ2P
Jessica CruzS5DB6
Lady ShivaXQP2L
Martian ManhunterY7MFR
Monsieur MallahGM9MX
Mr. MxyzptikNURPU
Plastic ManE6HUY
Red RobinJNLPY
Red TornadoCKDRF
Star SapphireQD2GY

Lego Minimum System Requirement

CategoryMinimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
OSWindows 7Windows 10
ProcessorIntel Core i3-4130AMD Ryzen 3 1200 or Intel Core i5-3470
Memory4 GB RAM4 GB RAM
GraphicsRadeon R9 280X or GTX 660 TiGeForce GTX 750 Ti or Radeon HD 7770
DirectXVersion 11Version 11
NetworkBroadband Internet connectionBroadband Internet connection
Storage16 GB available space16 GB available space


Lego DC Super-Villains offers players an engaging and entertaining experience as they step into the shoes of iconic DC supervillains. With a diverse roster of characters, immersive environments, and a variety of puzzles and collectibles, the game brings the Lego charm to the world of DC villains. The cheat codes add an extra layer of fun and unlock powerful characters, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The inclusion of a wide array of DC characters, each with unique abilities, contributes to the game’s replay value. The achievements and challenges provide additional goals for players, encouraging exploration and mastery of in-game activities.

The system requirements ensure that players can enjoy the game smoothly, whether meeting the minimum specifications or opting for recommended settings.

Overall, Lego DC Super-Villains stands out as an enjoyable addition to the Lego game series, offering a delightful mix of humor, action, and exploration in the DC universe.


Are there specific requirements for the “Man of Steel” achievement?

Yes, to earn the “Man of Steel” achievement, you need to complete a level without dying.

Can I play as both Batman and The Joker in Lego DC Super-Villains?

Yes, you can take a selfie with Batman while playing as The Joker, as mentioned in the “The Enemy Within” achievement.


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