Is tekken 8 Crossplay

is tekken 8 crossplay
is tekken 8 crossplay

Crossplay has become an anticipated feature in online multiplayer games. Fans eagerly await the ability to compete on all platforms. As Bandai Namco prepares to launch Tekken 8, the question of crossplay looms large once again. Tekken 7 lacks crossplay. Rival games like Mortal Kombat 1 faced criticism in 2023. So, adding crossplay to Tekken 8 could be key to its success. This is a key chance for the developers to learn from the past. They can then meet the gaming community’s expectations. Will Tekken 8 learn from its predecessors? Will it add crossplay to improve its multiplayer?

Tekken 8 Crossplay

In an X exchange on April 9, 2023, a user queried Harada, “Can we get crossplay, Harada?” The director promptly affirmed, “Crossplay? Of course I will.” Furthermore, he disclosed his aspiration for Tekken 7 to pioneer crossplay integration. However, he lamented that platforms clashed over their shared interests. They encountered obstacles such as peer-to-peer security concerns, leading to repeated refusals.

The Best Player

1. Leon Kennedy

Resident Evil fans, this costume is a must-see! It transforms fighter Jin Kazama into the iconic RE protagonist, Leon Kennedy. Created by Reddit user schmick28, the outfit is incredibly well-made, almost resembling a mod rather than a customized character.

With its leather jacket featuring a fur trim and the 90s boyband haircut, this costume perfectly captures Leon’s look. The added touch of Jin’s badass nature gives the character some serious attitude.

2. Harley Quinn and the Joker

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s launch was controversial, but if you want to avoid the drama, you can still get your DC fix in Tekken 8. Reddit user deathbystools recreated Joker and Harley Quinn for fighters Azcuena and Claudio, respectively. These outfits, featuring the classic Joker and Harley color schemes, offer a unique twist for fans of these infamous DC villains.

3. Peter Griffin

Up next is a custom outfit for fighter Jack-8, transformed into none other than the Fortnite star (and Family Guy star, I guess), Peter Griffin. This version of Peter is based on the buff one we see in Fortnite, complete with his traditional white shirt, green pants, and brown shoes. Created by RIPMrMufasi on Reddit, the outfit features the perfect tagline: “Hey Lois, remember that time I fought in the King of Iron Fist Tournament?” I bet you read that line in Peter Griffin’s voice!

4. Blade

Next up is Snoo35886’s striking recreation of Blade. Blade is Marvel’s famously awesome half-vampire. It’s a costume for the fighter Raven. This simple yet effective outfit features all-leather attire with a katana attached to the back and those classic red glasses. It’s a perfect example of how a straightforward costume can still be incredibly distinctive and truly bring a character to life. Nice work on this one, Snoo!

5. Walter White and Gus Fring

Fans of Breaking Bad, imagine an alternate universe. There, Walter White and Gus Fring simply beat each other up. It’s instead of their dramatic showdown. Redditor GJTobi excellently recreates Walter as a costume for Bryan and Gus as a costume for Raven. However, the use of ponytail hair extensions as a necktie for Gus is a bit disturbing, but if it works, it works!

6. Divine Super Saiyan Goku

Anime fans love the Tekken 8 character creation system. One standout is this Goku outfit for Lars. Gooddest_Boi on Reddit made it. This outfit recreates Goku’s divine Super Saiyan transformation. It has the iconic blue hair. Not only does it capture Goku’s famous spiky hair, but the classic orange and blue outfit is also pretty much perfect. With so many anime-inspired designs out there for Tekken 8, this Goku outfit stands out as one of the best.

7. John Wick

The John Wick movies are known for their great fight choreography and action. This custom John Wick design from The Keyboard Warrior lets you start bringing that badassery to Tekken 8. This customization is for the fighter Victor. It has an all-black outfit, some guns for accessories, and a slick black haircut. With it, you can channel Keanu Reeves’ style while also kicking some serious butt.

8. Samus Aran

Another impressive outfit for Lars is this well-made Samus Aran armor created by Vectormus on Reddit. In addition to excellently recreating Samus’ iconic armor, this fan-made look for Lars also gives a Doomguy vibe. This is especially true because of the exposed arms. The helmet is a standout feature, perfectly capturing Samus’ iconic look.

9. Johnny Bravo

For fellow 90s babies, you might remember the classic Cartoon Network show Johnny Bravo. The woman-chasing Elvis wannabe was an icon. He gets a modern recreation with this customization. It’s for fighter Paul from Redditor Crazy_Brian.

Johnny Bravo was all muscle and had an eye-catching haircut, both of which are brought to life by Crazy_Brian. This customization features tall, blonde hair, a black muscle t-shirt, and blue jeans. Sunglasses are the finishing touch that brings the 90s cartoon star to life.

10. Bayonetta

YouTuber Hi! Buff Gigas Please? is known for creating epic-looking outfits for Tekken 8, and they’ve recreated characters like Ash from Pokémon, Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, Tifa from the Final Fantasy series, and Nezuko from Demon Slayer, among others. However, your favorite is undoubtedly Zafina as Bayonetta.

This Bayonetta outfit is a gorgeous customization that expertly captures the essence of her character with style and grace. Buff Gigas has a special talent for bringing characters to life through the Tekken 8 customization system, so be sure to check out the full compilation video to see all the outfits they’ve designed.

Benefits of Crossplay in Tekken 8

Crossplay in Tekken 8 offers several key benefits to players. Firstly, it expands the player base, ensuring a larger pool of opponents and reducing wait times for matches. This leads to more diverse and challenging matchups, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Crossplay also builds community. It allows friends to play together, no matter their platform. It promotes inclusivity and social interaction. Additionally, it keeps the game alive by keeping many players. This makes sure that Tekken 8 stays relevant and fun for longer. Crossplay in Tekken 8 enriches the game. It offers players more options, challenges, and chances for social interaction.

Community Impact of Crossplay in Tekken 8

Crossplay in Tekken 8 has a significant impact on the community. It unites players across different platforms, creating a larger and more vibrant player base. This diversity enhances gaming. It offers a wider range of skill levels and play styles. It fosters a more competitive and engaging environment.

Crossplay also strengthens the sense of community among players. It lets friends play together. They can play regardless of their platform. It breaks down barriers and promotes inclusivity. Also, crossplay makes the community more active and connected. Players can easily find and connect with others who love Tekken 8. Overall, crossplay in Tekken 8 has a positive impact on the community, enhancing the game’s social aspect and longevity.


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