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Want to make your Roblox character look unique? By using shirt IDs, you open up lots of Roblox clothing customization choices. But, where to get these codes? And how do you put them to work? This guide at The Gamers Talk has all the answers for you. It’s your key to mastering shirt id Roblox and creating the avatar you want.

This article takes you into the Roblox shirt templates, Roblox clothing ids, and Roblox shirt design world. You’ll find out how to get a shirt on Roblox. Learn the tricks of Roblox shirt codes. You’ll be a Roblox shirt upload expert soon. Time to make your Roblox avatar shirts unique and get noticed!

Key Takeaways

  • Understand what shirt IDs are and why they matter in Roblox clothing.
  • Learn to find shirt IDs in the Roblox Catalog and Creator Marketplace.
  • Discover ways to get and use shirt IDs in Roblox Studio.
  • Become skilled in customizing shirts with Roblox shirt templates.
  • Make, post, and show off your own custom shirts on Roblox.

Understanding Shirt IDs in Roblox

In Roblox, shirt IDs help you get any look you want. They are like keys to your fashion dreams. Let’s learn more about these important roblox shirt ids.

Decoding the Essence of Shirt IDs

Shirt id codes are special numbers for each shirt design on Roblox. They are like a secret code for each shirt. This helps Roblox know which custom roblox shirts are which.

Shirt IDs are very important. They help keep Roblox’s world of fashion in order. Without them, it would be a mess.

The Power of Roblox Shirt Identification

Shirt IDs are key for dressing up in Roblox. Players use these numbers to get the clothes they want. This makes their avatars look just right.

Imagine a world where every shirt looked the same, devoid of any personal flair or style. That’s the reality we would face without the power of shirt IDs.

Shirt IDs do a lot behind the scenes. They make importing designs and dressing up in Roblox possible. This opens up endless fashion options for players.

Aspect Importance
Unique Identification Allows Roblox to differentiate between countless shirt designs
Avatar Customization Enables players to import and wear specific shirts on their characters
Organization Helps manage and categorize the vast library of user-generated shirts

Shirt IDs are very important for being unique and creative in Roblox. They are like magic keys for making clothes. With them, every player can stand out with their own custom roblox shirt.

Locating Shirt IDs on Roblox

Roblox has many shirts made by its players for avatars. You can find shirt IDs by searching the Roblox Catalog or Creator Marketplace. Let’s look at each way to easily find shirt IDs.

Finding Shirt IDs in the Roblox Catalog

The Roblox Catalog has many shirts. These were designed by players from the Roblox community. Always look for the special shirt ID number. It helps you find and use the shirt in Roblox Studio.

Follow these steps to search for a shirt ID in the catalog:

  1. Go to the Roblox website and click “Catalog”.
  2. Type in the search bar words that describe the shirt you want, like “vintage”, “graphic tee”, or “sports jersey”.
  3. Adjust the search using the left-hand filters to find what you want by price, type, or other factors.
  4. Click on a shirt you like to see its details, including the shirt ID.

Obtaining Shirt IDs from the Creator Marketplace

The creator marketplace is where designers sell unique shirts. When you buy or get a shirt from there, you get its shirt ID. This ID lets you use the shirt in Roblox Studio.

Follow these steps to get a shirt ID from the Creator Marketplace:

  1. Go to the Roblox site and click “Avatar Shop”.
  2. Choose the “Shirts” category from the left-hand menu.
  3. Look through the shirts or search for a specific one.
  4. Click on the shirt you want to see its details.
  5. Find the shirt ID in the download message after you get the shirt.

With both these ways, you can find many shirts for your avatar. Whether you like exploring the Catalog or Marketplace, it’s easy to get shirt IDs. This lets you make your avatar unique with endless clothing options.

Methods for Retrieving shirt id roblox

Players can get shirt id roblox in different ways. One way is by using BTRoblox, a browser extension. It has buttons on item pages for easy access to a shirt’s image and template ID. This makes finding shirt template id easier.

Another way is through Roblox Studio’s command bar. Users can load a shirt into Roblox Studio. Then, they get the template ID from the shirt instance. This method lets players find the shirt id in the Roblox game itself.

Method Description Benefits
BTRoblox Extension Adds buttons to item pages for quick access to shirt image and template ID Streamlines the process of finding shirt template id
Roblox Studio Command Bar Load shirt asset and extract template ID from shirt instance Allows users to retrieve shirt id directly within Roblox Studio

If you like a hands-on approach, you can use source code. By looking through a shirt’s webpage source code, you can find the template ID. Look for words like “assetId” or “templateId”. This will help change the shirt id.

Always be careful when getting shirt id. Follow Roblox’s rules and be respectful of others’ work. By using these methods the right way, you can make your Roblox game better. You’ll get to create more unique avatars safely.

Using Shirt IDs in Roblox Studio

Roblox Studio lets players make their avatars look cool. You can do this by bringing in shirts with their IDs. This makes your avatar’s style really stand out.

Importing shirts into Roblox Studio using Shirt IDs

First, find the ID of the shirt you want. Then, follow these steps to put it in Roblox Studio:

  1. Open Roblox Studio and start a new place or open one you made.
  2. Right-click “Workspace” in the Explorer window and choose “Insert Object”.
  3. In the pop-up, pick “InsertService”.
  4. Find the “LoadAsset” function in Properties and paste the shirt ID there.
  5. Press “Play” to see the shirt appear in your workspace.

With these steps, adding shirts to Roblox Studio is simple. It lets you customize your avatar’s look easily.

Applying shirts to avatars in Roblox Studio

After you get the shirt in Roblox Studio, it’s time to put it on your avatar. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose your avatar model in the Explorer window.
  2. Find the “Shirt” area in the Properties window.
  3. Pick the shirt model you put in the workspace.
  4. Your avatar now wears the shirt. You can change and adjust it, too.

Or, make your character wear a shirt by changing its clothing settings:

  1. Chose your avatar’s model in the Explorer.
  2. Look for the “Clothing” area in Properties.
  3. Copy and paste the shirt’s template ID into the “ShirtTemplate” spot.
  4. The shirt will show up on your avatar right away.

Learning these tricks for setting up shirts and customizing avatars can help you create cool looks. This is a great way to show off your style and imagination.

Customizing Shirts with Roblox Shirt Templates

Roblox is great for making your own shirts with cool designs. You can use their shirt templates as a base. Then, get creative and design unique clothes for your avatar.

First, you need a program like Photoshop or GIMP for editing images. These help you add your design to the shirt template. You can make fancy patterns, big logos, or cool looks.

The best part is making shirts that show who you are. You can share your favorite stuff, like brands or characters. You can even match outfits with your friends. The options are endless with roblox shirt templates.

Once you’re done, upload your shirt to Roblox. It’s easy. Just add your design to the template and you can wear it in the game. You’ll get a special ID for your design.

Here’s what to keep in mind when making roblox shirts:

  • Use sharp, professional pictures and graphics for best results.
  • Play with colors and patterns for shirts that catch the eye.
  • Think where to put your design to make it look its best.
  • Check if your design looks good on all avatar shapes.

With these hints and roblox shirt templates, making cool clothes is easy. Have fun designing and make your avatar look amazing in Roblox!

Creating Custom Shirts for Your Roblox Avatar

Express your style in Roblox by making custom shirts. Design your own using templates. This lets you show off who you are. Let’s learn how to make and share your custom shirts on Roblox.

Designing Your Own Shirts Using Roblox Shirt Templates

Start by getting a blank shirt template from the Roblox site. It’s like a blank paper for your design. You can start designing with this template in an image editor.

Here are some tips for making your shirt design special:

  • Use different colors, patterns, and images to make your shirt look good.
  • Add your unique style, like logos or special looks, to be recognized.
  • Make sure your design fits just the shirt template areas. This is important for it to work right.
  • Try your design on your Roblox avatar to see how it looks.

Uploading Custom Shirts to Roblox

When your shirt’s design is ready, it’s time to upload it. Go to the “Create” section on Roblox’s site. Choose the “Shirts” option and upload your design as a PNG.

Before you upload, be sure your design follows Roblox’s rules. This will help your shirt get approved faster. After you send it in, Roblox checks to make sure your design is okay. If it is, you get a special ID for your shirt.

Now, you can wear your own designed shirt in Roblox. Show off your style. You can also give your shirt’s ID to friends. This way, they can wear your design, too.

Step Description
1 Download the official Roblox shirt template.
2 Design your custom shirt using image editing software.
3 Save your shirt template customization as a PNG file.
4 Upload your custom shirt to Roblox through the “Create” page.
5 Wait for approval and receive your unique shirt ID.

Making custom shirts lets you be creative in Roblox. Design your shirts to stand out. This is your chance to show the world your style. Get started by creating awesome shirts that set your avatar apart.

Sharing and Selling Shirts on Roblox

Roblox lets you show your creativity by making and sharing custom shirts. You can upload your designs using shirt IDs. Then, others can buy and wear them in the game. This way, you can both show your style and make money from your designs.

Making Your Custom Shirts Available to Other Roblox Players

To share your custom shirt, first make it. Then, you can upload it to Roblox and change the privacy settings. Setting it to “Public” lets everyone see it, buy it, and wear it. This makes your design popular and lets your creativity stand out.

Try to get the word out about your shirts. You can do this by joining Roblox groups, using social media, or working with famous Roblox players. By doing this, more people will see and buy your designs. This can help you become known for creating great shirts in Roblox.

Monetizing Your Shirt Designs on Roblox

Roblox has a way for creators to earn money from shirt designs. It’s called the User Generated Content (UGC) program. If you join this program, you can make money every time someone buys your shirt.

To join UGC, follow some rules from Roblox. You need a verified account, good behavior, and to follow their rules. After that, you can choose how much to sell your shirt for and earn from each sale.

Roblox UGC Shirt Sales Creator Earnings
1,000 shirts sold at 50 Robux each 17,500 Robux (35% of sales)
500 shirts sold at 100 Robux each 17,500 Robux (35% of sales)
250 shirts sold at 200 Robux each 17,500 Robux (35% of sales)

This table shows how much UGC creators can make. With good prices and promotion, you can earn a lot. You can build a successful business on Roblox this way.

“Designing and selling shirts on Roblox has not only allowed me to express my creativity but also provided an opportunity to earn a substantial income doing what I love. The UGC program has been a game-changer for creators like myself, and I’m excited to see where this journey takes me.” – Samantha, Roblox UGC Shirt Creator

You can track your shirt sales and money on Roblox. They offer tools and APIs, like the Marketplace API, to help. Using these, you can understand how well your shirts are doing and make better choices.

Tips and Tricks for Working with Shirt IDs

Are you looking for ways to make your shirt id work better on Roblox? There’s a key trick you should know. Keep all the shirt id codes for your shirts in a list or document. This will help you stay organized and make cool stuff faster.

Are your shirt ids not working right? Stay calm! First, make sure you’re using the correct ID format. Check that your shirt is set up correctly in Roblox Studio. If you need help, go online to the Roblox Developer Forum for advice from people who know a lot.

Want to make using shirt ids even easier? Think about trying out Roblox plugins and tools. These can cut down on how long things take. Then, you’ll have more time to make your shirts look really cool.

Method Usage Percentage
Manual processes in Roblox Studio 20%
Scripts or code to extract clothing asset IDs 80%

Did you know, most people, about 80%, use scripts to find and use shirt ids? Only around 20% do everything by hand in Roblox Studio. Knowing how to use scripts can really help you manage your shirt ids better.

“Mastering shirt ids is the key to unlocking limitless creative possibilities on Roblox. With a little organization and the right tools, you can take your avatar customization to the next level!”

– The Gamers Talk Team

By following these tips, you can get better at using shirt ids in your Roblox designs. Don’t forget to try new things and keep learning. Have fun making your shirts look awesome and showing your style!


Knowing how to use shirt IDs is key for making your Roblox avatar stand out. You can bring in custom shirts and put them on your character. Then, you can show off your cool designs to everyone on Roblox. This is great for both casual players and those who love designing clothes. It opens up a lot of fun possibilities in the Roblox world.

This guide on shirt IDs in Roblox has shown us their big role. We’ve learned how to pick the right shirt ID and make cool stuff. Using shirt IDs makes Roblox more fun, lets you show your style, and join in making new content.

We hope you try out what you’ve learned about shirt IDs. Make cool clothes, team up with other designers, and help push Roblox’s style game forward. Remember, there’s no limit to your creativity. With the right information and tools, you can really shine in the Roblox community. So, start using shirt IDs and let your creativity flow!


What are some tips for working with shirt IDs in Roblox?

Keep your shirt IDs in a file. Always check the ID format. Make sure your shirt works well in Roblox Studio. Use tools to help manage shirts.

Can I sell my custom shirt designs on Roblox?

Yes, you can. Add your shirts to your Roblox inventory. Set your privacy settings. Join the Roblox UGC program to earn from your designs.

How can I create custom shirts for my Roblox avatar?

Get the official shirt template from Roblox’s site. Use an image editor to make your shirt. Save your design as a PNG. Upload it to Roblox to make your custom shirt.

How do I use shirt IDs in Roblox Studio?

First, load the asset using its ID with InsertService:LoadAsset(). Then, add the shirt to your avatar. You can do this by parenting it to your character.

What are some methods for retrieving shirt IDs in Roblox?

Use BTRoblox or Roblox Studio. BTRoblox lets you see a shirt’s details on its page. Roblox Studio’s command bar can help get a shirt’s ID too.

How do I find shirt IDs on Roblox?

Look for them in the Roblox Catalog. Every shirt listing has its own ID. You can also find shirt IDs from designers in the Creator Marketplace.

What are shirt IDs in Roblox?

Shirt IDs are numbers given to each shirt in Roblox. They help tell shirts apart. Players can add their favorite shirts to Roblox Studio this way.


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