Guide to Crystal Fountain Royale High Answers

Guide to Crystal Fountain Royale High Answers

Introduction to Royale High’s Crystal Fountain

Welcome to the enchanting world of Royale High, a fantasy school role-playing game on Roblox that captivates players with its magical realms, seasonal events, and the much-coveted Halos. At the heart of these seasonal celebrations lies the Crystal Fountain, a mystical feature that offers players a chance at winning these rare accessories. This guide delves into the allure and secrets of the Crystal Fountain, providing you with the answers and strategies needed to enhance your chances of obtaining a Halo.

Understanding the Crystal Fountain Mechanism

The Crystal Fountain, situated in the center of Divinia Park, is not just any ordinary fountain. It’s a gateway to fortune, offering players a unique interaction every few hours. By making a wish at the fountain, players are transported into a narrative adventure, where their choices can lead to various outcomes, including the chance to win a Halo, a highly sought-after accessory in Royale High. However, the path to success is not guaranteed; it’s shrouded in mystery and chance.

How the Crystal Fountain Works

Upon approaching the Crystal Fountain, players are prompted to cast their diamonds into the waters, after which they are presented with a story and a set of responses. Each choice can lead to different outcomes: gaining or losing diamonds, earning experience points (XP), or, if luck is on their side, winning a Halo.

Importance of the Crystal Fountain in Obtaining Halos

Halos are not just accessories; they are symbols of rarity and prestige within the Royale High community. The Crystal Fountain serves as the primary method for players to obtain these coveted items. Understanding the nuances of fountain stories and making informed choices can significantly impact a player’s chance of winning a Halo.

Royale High Halo Events Explained

The Concept of Halos in Royale High

Halos are more than just beautiful, glowing accessories; they represent the pinnacle of achievement and luck in Royale High. Each Halo is uniquely designed to reflect the theme of the event it’s associated with, making them highly desirable collectibles.

Seasonal Halo Events and Their Rarity

Royale High introduces Halos through seasonal events, each with its own set of stories and challenges at the Crystal Fountain. The rarity of Halos varies, with some being more elusive than others, adding to the excitement and competition among players.

Spring Halo 2024 – Valentine’s Day Everfriend Answers

Story & AuthorOption AOption BOption COption D
Everfriend Festival Stand Theme <br> (gahahaboboo_ye / CuteBunnys64)Correct
Ringing Phone <br> (cqmsi)CorrectCorrect
Everfriend Baking Competition <br> (teaqvn)CorrectCorrect
Chocolate Strawberry Choice <br> (DeltaruneSpade)Correct
Flower Choice <br> (Yeah101111)Correct
Everfriend Crafts <br> (Hexmarii)Correct

Note: “Correct” indicates the options that have been reported to increase the chances of obtaining a Halo.

Winter Halo 2023 Answers

Story & AuthorOption AOption BOption COption D
Glitterfrost Events <br> (Bluethemouse)Correct
Choose a Cookie <br> (ChantelDesire/T0N1_03)CorrectCorrect
Glitterfrost Baking Competition <br> (DiamondGoggles1)CorrectCorrect
Ice Skating Choice <br> (SlytherinQueen1116)Correct
Snowball Game Choice <br> (phoebephase)CorrectCorrectCorrect

Note: The table denotes “Correct” for the options that have been shared by the community as likely to enhance the probability of winning a Halo.

Spring Halo 2024 – Valentine’s Day Everfriend

The Spring Halo 2024, themed around Valentine’s Day Everfriend, brought a fresh batch of stories to the Crystal Fountain, each weaving a tale of love, friendship, and magic. Here are the answers that have been gathered from the community, known to increase the likelihood of obtaining the Halo.

Everfriend Festival Stand Theme

Story by gahahaboboo_ye / CuteBunnys64: When faced with the decision of choosing a theme for the Everfriend Festival stand, the answer that resonated with success was Option A. Players who chose this option reported favorable outcomes, hinting at the whimsical nature of festival preparations.

Ringing Phone

Story by cqmsi: A mysterious ringing phone presents a dilemma, with Options A and D standing out as the choices leading to intriguing narratives. These options explore the themes of connection and surprise, integral to the Valentine’s narrative.

Everfriend Baking Competition

Story by teaqvn: In the heat of the Everfriend Baking Competition, Options A and D proved to be the ingredients for potential success. These choices reflect the creativity and passion poured into the art of baking, a staple of the festival’s celebrations.

Chocolate Strawberry Choice

Story by DeltaruneSpade: Amidst the Everfriend festivities, the choice between different types of chocolate-covered strawberries presented itself. Option A stood out as the preferred choice, symbolizing the sweetness and romance integral to Valentine’s Day. This option not only delighted the taste buds but also seemed to sway the fountain’s favor.

Flower Choice

Story by Yeah101111: In a story that involved choosing the perfect flower, Option A emerged as the most favorable. This choice reflects the timeless tradition of expressing affection through the beauty of flowers, a gesture deeply rooted in Valentine’s lore.

Everfriend Crafts

Story by Hexmarii: Crafting is a beloved activity during the Everfriend celebration, and when faced with crafting dilemmas, Option B proved to be the most fruitful. This choice emphasized the creativity and heartfelt effort put into making personalized gifts, resonating with the spirit of the event.

Winter Halo Answers 2023

The Winter Halo 2023 brought a frosty twist to the Crystal Fountain, with stories filled with icy adventures and glacial beauty. Here are some key answers that players found helpful in navigating these chilly tales.

Glitterfrost Events

Story by Bluethemouse: In a tale woven around Glitterfrost events, Option B was identified as a path leading to potential success. This option captured the essence of winter’s magic and festivities, appealing to the frosty fortitude of the Crystal Fountain.

Choose a Cookie

Story by ChantelDesire/T0N1_03: A heartwarming story about choosing cookies offered a glimpse into the simple joys of the winter season. Options A and C stood out, each representing a choice that resonated with warmth and the spirit of sharing during the cold months.

Glitterfrost Baking Competition

Story by DiamondGoggles1: The competitive spirit of the Glitterfrost Baking Competition was best embraced through Options C and D. These choices highlighted the participants’ dedication to crafting the perfect winter treat, a testament to the culinary delights of the season.

Ice Skating Choice

Story by SlytherinQueen1116: An invitation to ice skate with friends led players to Option C, a choice that encapsulated the joy and camaraderie of winter activities. This option not only promised fun on the ice but also hinted at the possibility of magical rewards.

Snowball Game Choice

Story by phoebephase: In the midst of a playful snowball fight, Options A, C, and D offered paths filled with laughter and spirited competition. Each option brought out the essence of winter playfulness, engaging players in the frosty fun that might catch the fountain’s attention.

Halloween Halo Answers 2023

The Halloween season in Royale High is marked by an aura of mystery and enchantment, with the Crystal Fountain at the center of it all, offering players tales of spooks and specters. Here are some of the key answers for the Halloween Halo 2023 event.

Dark Fairy Outfit

Story by PeppermintPattyForU: In a story that required players to choose a costume for the Halloween festivities, Option C stood out. This choice, embodying the mysterious allure of a dark fairy, seemed to resonate with the mystical energies of the fountain, offering a chance at the coveted Halo.

Colorful Dance Leaf Choice

Story by TiffanyFY: When presented with a tale involving the selection of a colorful dance leaf, Option A emerged as a significant choice. This option captured the essence of autumn’s vibrant palette, aligning with the season’s thematic beauty and the magical possibilities of the fountain.

Candy Apple Choice

Story by sweetslvshiie: A delightful dilemma involving the choice of candy apples saw Option A as a favorable pick. This choice highlighted the sweet indulgences of Halloween, blending the joy of seasonal treats with the enchanting prospects offered by the fountain.

Nightmare Fountain

Story by KToTheBert: In a chilling narrative centered around the Nightmare Fountain, Option A was identified as a path that could lead to eerie rewards. This option plunged players into the depths of Halloween lore, intertwining their fate with the shadowy whispers of the fountain.

Moving Forward

As we delve into the myriad stories and choices presented by the Crystal Fountain across various seasonal events, it’s clear that the journey to winning a Halo is filled with enchantment, strategy, and a touch of luck. Each event, from the blooming romance of Valentine’s Day to the frosty wonders of Winter and the spooky allure of Halloween, brings its own unique flavor to the experience.

Strategies for Winning a Halo

While the allure of obtaining a Halo is strong, it’s essential to approach the Crystal Fountain with a blend of hope and strategy. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Patience is Key: The journey to winning a Halo is a marathon, not a sprint. Regular visits to the fountain and engagement with its stories increase your chances over time.
  • Community Insights: The Royale High community is a treasure trove of knowledge. Engaging with other players, sharing experiences, and staying updated on verified answers can provide an edge in your quest.
  • Enjoy the Story: While the pursuit of a Halo is exciting, immersing yourself in the stories and the world of Royale High enriches the experience, making every visit to the Crystal Fountain a magical adventure.


The Crystal Fountain in Royale High stands as a beacon of dreams and possibilities, inviting players to immerse themselves in its tales of magic and mystery. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the enchanting halls of Royale High, the journey towards obtaining a Halo is a testament to the game’s captivating blend of storytelling and chance. So, cast your diamonds, choose your path, and may the magic of the Crystal Fountain guide you to your coveted Halo.


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