Guide to “A Mystery in the Depths” in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Guide to "A Mystery in the Depths" in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Introduction to “A Mystery in the Depths”

“A Mystery in the Depths” is not just another quest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom; it’s a pivotal adventure that guides players through the enigmatic depths beneath Hyrule. This quest is a blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat, culminating in a rewarding new ability that opens up a plethora of creative possibilities. This guide will walk you through every step, ensuring you not only complete the quest but also fully grasp its significance in the broader narrative of the game.

Quest Prerequisites

Before you can embark on “A Mystery in the Depths,” there are a few preliminary steps you must undertake. These prerequisites ensure you’re adequately prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in the depths of Hyrule.

Completing “Camera Work in the Depths”

The quest “Camera Work in the Depths” serves as an introduction to the underground world and its mechanics. In this quest, you’ll unlock the camera feature, which is crucial not just for this quest but for various aspects of the game. Here’s a brief walkthrough to get you started:

  1. Meet with Robbie: Your quest begins with Robbie, who will introduce you to the camera’s functionality.
  2. Venture into the Hyrule Field Chasm: This is where you’ll put the camera to use, capturing specific subjects as instructed by Robbie.

Remember, this quest is not just about unlocking the camera; it’s about familiarizing yourself with the Depths and its unique environment.

Advancing in the “Regional Phenomena” Main Quest

“Regional Phenomena” is a broad quest divided into four segments, each tied to a different region and race within Hyrule. Completing at least one of these segments is essential as it directly impacts the availability of “A Mystery in the Depths.” Here’s a quick overview:

  • Riju of Gerudo Town
  • Tulin of Rito Village
  • Sidon of the Zora
  • Yunobo of Goron City

Each segment will introduce you to the distinct cultures and challenges of Hyrule’s diverse regions, enriching your adventure and preparing you for the depths that lie beneath.

Starting “A Mystery in the Depths”

With the prerequisites out of the way, you’re now ready to dive into the heart of this quest. Here’s how to get started:

Finding Josha and Initiating the Quest

Josha is your point of contact for this quest. You’ll find her in Lookout Landing, typically near the north gate. Approach her, and a dialogue will trigger, setting the stage for your descent into the depths.

Preparations for the Depths

The Depths of Hyrule are unlike any other environment you’ve encountered in the game. It’s dark, mysterious, and filled with formidable foes. Here are some recommended preparations:

  • Stock up on Arrows: You’ll need these not just for combat but for navigating and interacting with the environment.
  • Gather Brightbloom Seeds: The Depths are shrouded in darkness. These seeds are your primary source of light, so make sure you have plenty.

With these preparations in place, you’re ready to tackle the challenges that await in “A Mystery in the Depths.”

Navigating the Depths

Entering the Depths

Your journey into the Depths begins with a leap into the unknown. Josha’s hints lead you to the Forest of Time Chasm, a newly opened rift near the Forest of Time. This chasm serves as your gateway to the underground world, a place teeming with darkness, mystery, and danger. As you glide down, aim for the clear landing spots to avoid unnecessary damage from the Gloom.

Following the Minotaur Statues

Once you’ve landed safely, your primary objective is to follow the trail of minotaur statues. These statues, each pointing towards the next, serve as breadcrumbs leading you through the labyrinthine depths. Start your journey from the Nisoij Lightroot, progressing west towards the Iayusus Lightroot, where the first statue awaits. Keep an eye on the direction each statue faces and proceed accordingly, using Brightbloom Seeds to light your path and ward off the encroaching darkness.

Illuminating the Path

The Depths are cloaked in near-impenetrable darkness, making navigation a challenge. Brightbloom Seeds are your lifeline here, casting light in the gloom and revealing hidden paths, treasures, and dangers. Use them judiciously to mark your route and illuminate key landmarks, ensuring you never lose your way in the dark.

The Temple-Like Building Discovery

The Temple-Like Building Discovery

Locating the Temple in the Depths

Your pursuit of the minotaur statues culminates in the discovery of a Temple-Like Building, a structure rumored to hold the key to the Autobuild ability. Situated at coordinates -805, -1926, -0520, this temple is an oasis of light in the dark expanse of the Depths. Approach it with caution, for while it promises new powers, it also guards its secrets fiercely.

Unlocking the Autobuild Feature

Within the temple lies an ancient altar, waiting to bestow upon you the Autobuild ability. Activate the altar, and a new world of creative possibilities unfolds. Autobuild allows you to reconstruct any previously crafted item instantly, revolutionizing your approach to exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat.

Master Kohga Boss Fight

Strategies for Defeating Master Kohga

The quest’s climax pits you against Master Kohga, leader of the Yiga Clan, in a battle of wits and agility. Kohga attacks from the confines of a fortified vehicle, necessitating a blend of offensive and defensive tactics. Use your surroundings to your advantage, dodging his charges and waiting for the opportune moment to strike. A well-timed arrow can stun Kohga, leaving him vulnerable to a barrage of attacks.

Utilizing the Environment and Autobuild

The environment is your ally in this confrontation. Lure Kohga into destructible obstacles to disorient him, then close in for the attack. The Autobuild feature also comes into play, allowing you to quickly erect barriers or platforms to gain the upper hand. Creativity and adaptability are your greatest assets in this duel.

Completing the Quest

Returning to Josha in Lookout Landing

With Master Kohga defeated and the Autobuild ability in your grasp, return to Josha in Lookout Landing to report your success. She eagerly awaits your tales from the Depths and the newfound power at your disposal.

Final Rewards

Josha rewards your bravery and ingenuity with a Schema Stone, opening up new Autobuild schematics, and a Large Zonaite, further expanding your resource arsenal. These rewards not only commemorate your triumph but also equip you for the adventures that lie ahead.


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