Best Clover Retribution Codes: Claim Boosts, Spins, and More

Clover Retribution Codes

Hi Friends Welcome to The Gamers Talk, are you Looking for a boost in Roblox’s Clover Retribution? Well, you’re in luck! Take advantage of these codes to score a load of free spins. These spins come in handy for tweaking your traits, magic, and race, allowing you to personalize your blocky anime adventure to your heart’s content.

Explore this list for the latest Clover Retribution codes, offering a variety of freebies, from magic and traits to races. Keep your game fresh and exciting by redeeming these codes and unlocking new possibilities. Remember, we keep this guide updated regularly, so make sure to check back for the latest codes.

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List of new Clover Retribution codes:

List of new Clover Retribution codes:

Clover Retribution codes provide rewards akin to those found in other Roblox RPGs, enabling players to readjust their stats, race, magic, and traits. These codes come in handy for players who may have made a wrong choice or wish to explore a different playstyle. Below, you’ll discover a list of all currently active codes, along with the corresponding rewards they offer:

Active Codes

  • !insomnia โ€“ 5 magic spins (NEW)
  • !34klikes โ€“ 25 trait spins (NEW)
  • !32klikes โ€“ 10 spins of every type
  • !update2soon โ€“ 20 spins of every type
  • !clovergoal โ€“ 30 race spins
  • !30klikes โ€“ 10 Spins of Each type
  • !cloverthanks โ€“ 12 magic spins
  • !28klikes โ€“ 10 spins of every type
  • !update1 โ€“ Redeem code for 20 Spins of all types
  • !raremagic โ€“ Redeem code to spin your magic as soon as itโ€™s used
  • !rarerace โ€“ Redeem code spin your race as soon as itโ€™s used
  • !spiritssoon โ€“ Redeem code for 25 magic spins
  • !timestats โ€“ Redeem code to reset statpoints
  • !update1part1 โ€“ Redeem code for 20 Spins of all types
  • !drdwert โ€“ Redeem code for free rewards
  • watermagic -Redeem for 6 spins of each type
  • waterstats Redeem for resets stats
  • !miniupdatelater โ€“ Redeem code for free rewards
  • !14klikes โ€“ Redeem code for free rewards
  • !clovergroup โ€“ Redeem code for free rewards
  • !2millvisits โ€“ Redeem code for race spins
  • !quickshutdown โ€“ Redeem code for free rewards
  • !6klikes โ€“ Redeem code for 3 spins of every type
  • !7klikes โ€“ Redeem code for 3 spins of every type
  • !halloweenstats โ€“ Redeem code for resets stats
  • !halloweenupdate โ€“ Redeem code for 6 spins of every type
  • !4klikes โ€“ Redeem code for free rewards
  • !clover_release2 โ€“ Redeem code for free rewards
  • !cloverfixes โ€“ Redeem code for free rewards
  • !cloverstats โ€“ Redeem code to Reset Your Stat Points
  • !clover_release โ€“ Redeem code for Magic Spins, Race Spins, and Trait Spins

Expired codes:

  • !clovergoal – Enter this code to claim 30 Spins of each type.
  • !30klikes – Enter this code to claim 10 Spins of each type.
  • !cloverthanks – Enter this code to claim 12 Magic Spins.
  • !28klikes – Enter this code to claim 10 Spins of each type.
  • !update1 – Enter this code to claim 20 Spins of each type.
  • !raremagic – Enter this code to claim Magic Spin.
  • !rarerace – Enter this code to claim Race Spin.
  • !spiritssoon – Enter this code to claim 25 Magic Spins.
  • !timestats – Enter this code to claim Stat Reset.
  • !update1part1 – Enter this code to claim 20 Spins of each type.
  • !miniupdatelater – Enter this code to claim 10 Spins.
  • !14klikes – Enter this code to claim 5 Trait Spins.
  • !12klikes – Enter this code to claim 5 Race Spins.
  • !2millvisits – Enter this code to claim 10 Race Spins.
  • !10klikes – Enter this code to claim 10 Magic Spins.
  • !7klikes – Enter this code to claim 3 Spins of each type.
  • !halloweenstats – Enter this code to claim Stats Reset.
  • !halloweenupdate – Enter this code to claim 6 Spins of each type.
  • !4klikes – Enter this code to claim 6 Spins of each type.
  • !3klikes – Enter this code to claim 5 Spins of each type.
  • !6klikes – Enter this code to claim 3 Spins of each type.
  • !5klikes – Enter this code to claim 6 Spins of each type.
  • !quickshutdown – Enter this code to claim Spins of each type.
  • !cloverfixes – Enter this code to claim 5 Spins of each type.
  • !cloverstats – Enter this code to claim Stats Reset.
  • !clover_release – Enter this code to claim 15 Magic Spins, 3 Race Spins, and 3 Traits.

How can I use

Getting your rewards in Clover Retribution is a breeze! Follow these straightforward steps:

  • Start up Clover Retribution on Roblox.
  • Access the chat box located in the top-left corner.
  • Input or paste your code into the chat box and hit the send button.
  • Voila! Your rewards will appear at the top of the screen.

It’s that simple! Enjoy your newfound goodies in the game.

How to get more 

To stay in the loop with the latest code releases for Clover Retribution, make sure to follow the game developer, Clover Retribution, on their official Discord Server named Clover: Retribution. Additionally, consider bookmarking this page by pressing Ctrl+D, as we regularly update our code articles to provide you with the most current information.

Why are my Clover Retribution codes not working?

There could be several reasons why your Clover Retribution codes might not work. One possibility is that the codes have expired, as developers often release codes for specific events or milestones with a limited duration. It’s essential to redeem these codes promptly to ensure you don’t miss out on the freebies.

Another reason could be typographical errors or missing punctuation when entering the codes. To avoid this, it’s recommended to copy the codes directly from the provided list on the site and paste them into the game. This ensures accurate entry and saves you from potential mistakes, saving both time and frustration.

Other ways to get free rewards in Clover Retribution

Another avenue to acquire complimentary rewards in Clover Retribution is by joining the official Clover: Retribution Discord Server maintained by the developers. Keep a vigilant eye on any ongoing giveaways or events, as developers occasionally reward their engaged fanbase through prize distributions or competitions.

How Do I Play In Roblox?

Clover Retribution is a captivating Roblox anime game drawing heavy inspiration from the popular Black Clover anime and manga series. In this game, players can tap into their inner ninja spirit, unlocking their unique grimoires and harnessing magical powers to dive into a realm teeming with action and magic.

The objective revolves around completing diverse quests, requiring players to elevate their character’s combat and spellcasting abilities. This immersive experience includes dynamic action combat, spellcasting, and a plethora of quests that unfold in the vast and engaging game world.

The controls to play Clover Retribution in Roblox are:

R to equip a weapon if you have any.

G to equip your grimoire.

M to open the menu.

Q to dash and F to block or parry

B to summon a broom

Where are new codes released?

For the latest Clover Retribution codes, refer to this guide, which we will promptly update with any new releases. However, if you prefer direct access to the most up-to-date information, consider joining both the Clover Retribution Roblox group and the Clover Retribution Discord server.

Clover Retribution Requirements

  • Platform: PC, Mac, Xbox One, or mobile devices
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.7 or later, Xbox operating system, or a compatible mobile operating system
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Graphics Card: Integrated graphics or a dedicated GPU with at least 128 MB of VRAM
  • Storage: The game is streamed, so only a small amount of storage is needed for caching.

Clover Retribution Gameplay and Features

As you dive into the game, a tutorial guides you through the basics, explaining the essential requirements. Pay close attention to these instructions.

Navigate through the game by tapping on the left side above the Equip icon and sliding your finger upward. Adjust your character’s angle by tapping on the right side and sliding your finger until you find the perfect position.

Slide your finger up to make your character look up or down to make them look down. It might take a bit of practice, but mastering the angles becomes easier over time.

Experiment with moving your character using your left hand while simultaneously adjusting the angles with your right hand.

Once you feel comfortable with the movement, it’s time to embark on the first quest. Your active quest is displayed on the top right of your screen.

Follow the quest’s instructions to find Bruno and speak to him. If you feel your character is moving too slow, tap on the boot icon on the right side at the bottom to speed up your character’s movement.

Locate Bruno near the second house, and interact with him by running towards him and selecting the Interact icon.

Follow the tutorial, and after talking to Bruno, tap on the Menu icon on the left side at the bottom of your screen. Exit the menu by tapping again and interact with Bruno once more.

After opening the Grimoire and following the instructions, you can resume normal gameplay.

Upon completing the required quests, you’ll be teleported to a different map through a blue portal. Engage with NPCs around the map and fulfill their tasks, such as gathering grass or mushrooms.

These tasks can be repeated, making it ideal for grinding and collecting gold. Gold earned during your travels can be used to purchase goods in Clover Retribution.

Certain NPCs offer items for purchase using the gold you’ve earned. These items, including weapons, will aid you in defeating enemies on the map.

Some NPCs may direct you to return when you’ve reached a higher level. Additionally, you’ll notice you have a broom, but you can’t use it just yet. Unlock the ability to use your broom after completing a specific task and reaching level 7.

What are Clover Retribution and Itโ€™s codes?

Clover Retribution offers a Roblox fighting adventure inspired by the manga and anime Black Clover. The selection of a race is a pivotal aspect of the game. Utilizing Spins allows you to experiment with various races, with the goal of acquiring the Epic, Legendary, and Mythic ones for an enhanced gaming experience. Engage in battles against foes, build up your stats, and elevate your XP level. Don’t overlook the multitude of quests that will immerse you in exploration throughout the gameplay.

Clover Retribution codes serve as complimentary rewards generously provided by the game’s developer, the Clover Retribution group. These codes unlock a range of valuable in-game items, including magic spins, traits, races, and more. Typically, new codes are released to commemorate specific achievements, such as reaching a certain number of likes or following a content update. To stay in the loop, make sure to bookmark this page and revisit it periodically.

Details about Black Clover

“Black Clover” is a captivating Japanese anime series adapted from Yลซki Tabata’s manga of the same name. The narrative unfolds in a magical realm where nearly everyone possesses diverse magical abilities. The plot centers on two orphans, Asta and Yuno, raised together, sharing a common aspiration to become the Clover Kingdom’s most formidable mage, symbolized by attaining the esteemed position of the Wizard King. While Yuno showcases exceptional magical talent, Asta stands out as a rare case, devoid of any magical prowess. However, Asta compensates with unwavering determination and remarkable physical strength, creating a sharp contrast with Yuno’s magical abilities.

Their individual journeys to realize their dreams lead them down divergent paths, encountering challenges that test their capabilities and determination. Yuno is bestowed with a potent four-leaf clover grimoire, whereas Asta acquires a mysterious five-leaf clover grimoire, granting him anti-magic abilities that enable him to neutralize and deflect magical attacks. Together, they navigate a plethora of adventures, unveil the secrets of their world, and confront formidable adversaries, all while the underlying tension between magic users and non-magic users adds complexity to their quests.

Magic in Black Clover

In the enchanting realm of “Black Clover,” magic plays a pivotal role in society, categorized into diverse types based on elemental attributes. Elemental magics encompass Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth, while the series delves into more intricate and specialized forms such as Light, Dark, Time, and Spatial Magic. Certain mages exhibit the ability to wield compound magic, an amalgamation of two distinct elemental magics to craft innovative forms of attack or defense. Additionally, some mages possess rare and unconventional magic types that defy standard categorization, exemplified by Asta’s anti-magic, capable of nullifying other magical abilities.

The manifestation of magic in a mage is often an inherited trait influenced by their familial lineage. Each mage possesses a unique “grimoire,” a magical book amplifying their magical prowess and containing spells aligned with their specific magic type. This magical tome serves as a conduit for their abilities and a testament to their individuality within the intricate tapestry of magical arts.

The following spells are available in Clover Retribution:

Common Spells

Self HealHealing Magic
Healing LinkHealing Magic
Healing FieldHealing Magic
Death WardHealing Magic
Melody BlastMelody Magic
Melodic AmplifierMelody Magic
Melodic SeascapeMelody Magic

Uncommon Spells

Gale White BowWind Magic
Crescent Moon SickleWind Magic
TornadoWind Magic
Gale Vortex VeilWind Magic
Earth WallEarth Magic
QuakeEarth Magic

Rare Spells

Viscous BlobSlime Magic
Viscous StrikeSlime Magic
Viscous FloorSlime Magic
FlameballFire Magic
Flame ScattershotFire Magic
Flame ThrashFire Magic
Flame TowerFire Magic

Epic Spells

Lightning StrikeLightning Magic
Lightning CircusLightning Magic
Thunder Gods AttireLightning Magic

Legendary Spells

Water DrillWater Magic
Water ShieldWater Magic
Water DragonWater Magic
Worm HoleVoid Magic
Depth CoilVoid Magic
Black HoleVoid Magic
WoundBlood Magic
Crimson CataclysmBlood Magic
Crimson PursuitBlood Magic
Crimson HydraBlood Magic

Mythic Spells

Worlds RootWorld Tree Magic
Arboreal AscendancyWorld Tree Magic
Verdant VortexWorld Tree Magic
Forestโ€™s EmbraceWorld Tree Magic
Great Tree MistilteinnWorld Tree Magic
Time PassiveTime Magic
Chrono BurstTime Magic
Temporal FlickTime Magic
Future SightTime Magic
Chrono AnastasisTime Magic

Additional Tips

When diving into Clover Retribution, a few extra tips can go a long way:

  • Battle Strategically: To advance in the game, engage in battles with as many enemies as possible. It’s a key element for progression.
  • Quest Repeats: Don’t hesitate to replay quests to earn additional experience points (EXP) and coins. It’s a great way to level up.
  • Smart Spending: Save your hard-earned coins for higher rarity weapons. Investing in superior gear early on sets you up for success in the game.
  • Team Up: As you unlock new levels, consider teaming up with friends. Having allies can provide a significant advantage when facing tougher enemies.
  • Boss Fights: Boss battles become more manageable with additional teammates. Don’t be afraid to ask friends for help, and remember to return the favor once you’ve become stronger.
  • Socialize: Tap on the chat icon in the top-left corner of your screen to engage in conversations with fellow players on your map. It’s a great way to connect and share tips.


How can I obtain the Clover Retribution codes?

To acquire the codes, you must join the Clover Retribution group by selecting “Join Group.” After joining, relaunch the game to input the code.

What steps should I take if a code has expired?

Unfortunately, if a code has expired, it is no longer functional and cannot be redeemed.


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