Suika Game: Rise of a Watermelon Puzzle Sensation

Suika Game: Rise of a Watermelon Puzzle Sensation

In an unexpected turn of events, Suika Game, a Japanese home projector app designed by Aladdin X, has become a sensational viral hit, capturing the hearts of gaming enthusiasts. The game’s simple yet addictive mechanics propelled it to the top of Nintendo Switch downloads, creating a cultural buzz and unexpected success. Here’s a closer look at the story behind Suika Game’s meteoric rise.

The Fruitful Gameplay:

The Fruitful Gameplay

Suika Game, meaning Watermelon Game, unfolds with a sequence of fruit stacking, from cherries to watermelons. Priced at ยฅ240 or $2.99, this puzzle video game for Nintendo Switch has soared to the No. 1 spot in software downloads, surpassing notable titles like Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince and Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The Tetris-like gameplay involves stacking fruits strategically to prevent them from overflowing, creating an addictive experience that has resonated with players.

The Origin Story:

Aladdin X, and its precursor popIn, founded by Chinese entrepreneur Tao Cheng, aimed to enhance family time with the use of home projectors. The endeavor sought to steer families away from individual screens, fostering shared experiences through movies, YouTube, and gaming. Suika Game was one of many apps created by Aladdin X to complement its projectors, reflecting the company’s commitment to enhancing family interactions.

The Unforeseen Surge:

Suika Game’s journey from a modest 2,000 downloads in two years to an average of tens of thousands per day is a testament to its unforeseen popularity. The game gained momentum when YouTubers, including influencers like Hikakin and TV celebrity Shingo Katori, streamed their gameplay. This propelled Suika Game to surpass 5.17 million downloads, making it a cultural phenomenon. The unexpected surge in popularity took Aladdin X by surprise, with the staff realizing the game’s viral status only a week after it began.

Global Expansion:

Originally available only on the Nintendo Switch’s Japanese store, Suika Game expanded its reach in October, becoming accessible in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean. The game’s global availability has fueled its widespread adoption and contributed to its immense success.

The Players’ Odyssey:


Nicole Carpenter shares her personal experience, having played approximately 150 hours of Suika Game. Despite the deceptively simple premise, the game has proven to be challenging, with players trying to achieve high scores and even attempting the elusive task of having two watermelons touch.


What is the official Suika Game?

The objective is for players to accumulate a high score by strategically dropping fruits into a container without allowing them to overflow.

Is Suika available on PC?

Yes, a browser version is available at for free gameplay.

Suika Tips and Tricks:

Suika Tips and Tricks

Use Your Pushes:
Players are given ten pushes in Suika, five to the left and five to the right. These can be valuable in tight situations to push fruits to one side, aiding in combination.

Keep Similar Fruits Close:
Strategically grouping larger fruits together can set off chain reactions, maximizing points and creating an efficient merging process.

Don’t Give Up:
Despite the game’s challenging nature, staying hopeful and persisting through messy situations can lead to unexpected successes.

Beyond the Switch:

While Suika Game’s popularity hasn’t directly translated to increased sales for Aladdin X’s core business of home projectors, the game has undeniably elevated the company’s name recognition. The widespread acclaim has led to calls for the development of a smartphone app, a move that could potentially broaden the game’s accessibility beyond Nintendo Switch users.

Pros And Cons: Suika Game

1. Addictive Gameplay: The Tetris-like stacking mechanics create an addictive and engaging experience for players.1. Challenging Nature: The physics system and gameplay difficulty might pose a challenge, leading to frustration for some players.
2. Cultural Phenomenon: Suika Game has transcended its initial purpose, becoming a cultural phenomenon with millions of downloads.2. Limited Development Impact: While the game elevated Aladdin X’s name, it hasn’t directly translated into increased sales for the core business of home projectors.
3. Global Accessibility: With language inclusivity, the game has reached a global audience, contributing to its widespread adoption.


Despite the unexpected turns, Suika Game stands as a symbol of how a simple yet engaging concept can capture the imagination of millions, transcending its initial purpose. Whether players seek to achieve high scores, unlock achievements, or simply enjoy the challenge, Suika Game has carved its place in the gaming world as a unique and unexpectedly popular title.


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