Desolate Star Cultivation Trello: The Ultimate Guide

Desolate Star Cultivation Trello: The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to “The Gamers Talk” blog, where we dive deep into the mechanics, strategies, and hidden gems of your favorite games. Today, we’re exploring the enigmatic world of Desolate Star Cultivation, a unique, user-generated 3D experience on Roblox that has captured the hearts of many adventurers. If you’re new to this celestial journey or looking to enhance your cultivation path, the Desolate Star Cultivation Trello is your indispensable companion. This guide aims to unravel the intricacies of the game and how the Trello board becomes an essential tool for every cultivator out there.


Desolate Star Cultivation offers a vast universe where players embark on a cultivation journey, striving for power, knowledge, and supremacy. As enchanting as it is challenging, navigating through its realms requires more than just brute strength; it demands wisdom, strategy, and a deep understanding of its complex systems. This is where the Desolate Star Cultivation Trello comes into play, offering a detailed compendium of all things related to the game.

Getting Started with Desolate Star Cultivation

What is Desolate Star Cultivation?

At its core, Desolate Star Cultivation is more than just a game; it’s a journey into a world of magic, martial arts, and mystery. Developed by AnimeMaxStudio, it stands out on Roblox for its engaging cultivation system, where players train to improve their spiritual energy, acquire new skills, and ascend through various realms of power.

How to Access the Game on Roblox

Accessing Desolate Star Cultivation is straightforward:

  1. Log in to your Roblox account.
  2. Use the search bar to find “Desolate Star Cultivation.”
  3. Click on the game and then press the ‘Play’ button to start your cultivation journey.

Embarking on this adventure requires not just courage but also knowledge. That’s where the Trello board comes into play, serving as a treasure trove of information.

Exploring the Desolate Star Cultivation Trello


KeyActionAdditional Info
BMeditate on the DaoUnlocked at Cosmic Realm
Hold FFlyUnlocked at Sector Lord
TQi DomainUnlocked at Domain Lord (Removed at the moment)

Game Currency: Taels

RealmReroll Price (Taels)
Star Traveller/Star2,000
Cosmic/Domain Lord8,000
Sector Lord32,000
Undying/Universe Soldier100,000
Universe Knight/Lord400,000
Universe Master/Supreme Master1,000,000

Dantian Chances


Talent Chances

Talent RangeChance

Talent Multiplier Calculation

  • Talent Multiplier = Talent Amount * 0.1
  • Note: Talent under 10 results in a smaller multiplier.

Manuals Drop Chances

ManualDrop ChanceEnemyQi Multiplier
Water Element Art1%Student Banditx2
Sutra of Ascending to Heaven1%Star Traveller Banditx3
Flowing Watersource1%Cosmic Banditx5
Darknorth Sutra1%Sector Lord Banditx10
Icefire Jindan Smelting1%Lord Undying Banditx20
Celestial Essence Technique1%Universe Knight Sinnerx30

The Desolate Star Cultivation Trello is an organized platform filled with insights, tips, and detailed game mechanics. It’s designed to assist players in navigating the complex world of cultivation, offering a structured and up-to-date guide.

Understanding the Trello Interface

Navigating the Trello board is intuitive. Once you access the board, you’ll find lists representing different game aspects, such as controls, game mechanics, cultivation tips, and more. Each list contains cards that delve into specifics, providing a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Game Basics and Controls

Understanding the game’s controls is the first step in mastering Desolate Star Cultivation. The Trello board offers a comprehensive breakdown:

  • C: Cultivate to gather spiritual energy.
  • E: Basic attack or punch.
  • R: Breakthrough to the next cultivation realm.
  • Shift: Sprint for quick movement.
  • B: Meditate on the Dao, unlocking at the cosmic realm.
  • Hold F: Fly, accessible at the Sector Lord level.

This section will guide you through these controls and offer tips on how to use them effectively in your cultivation journey.

Cultivation and Progression

Cultivation lies at the heart of Desolate Star Cultivation, serving as the core mechanic around which the game revolves. This section will provide a comprehensive overview of how players can efficiently cultivate their characters, ascend through various realms, and unlock their true potential.

Overview of the Cultivation System

Cultivation in Desolate Star Cultivation is an intricate process of enhancing your character’s spiritual energy, allowing them to unlock new abilities, increase their strength, and progress through different cultivation realms. The Trello board outlines the step-by-step process, offering insights into the most efficient cultivation practices.

Steps for Effective Cultivation

  1. Starting Your Cultivation: Learn the basics of gathering Qi and channeling it to improve your character’s base abilities.
  2. Realm Advancement: Understand the criteria for advancing through the different cultivation realms, from Student/Apprentice to Universe Master/Supreme Master.
  3. Optimizing Cultivation Practices: Tips and strategies for maximizing cultivation efficiency, including the best locations, practices, and use of in-game items.

Tips for Quick Progression

  • Meditation Spots: Discover the most potent spots in the game world where Qi concentration is highest for faster cultivation.
  • Cultivation Aids: Learn about in-game items and resources that can speed up your cultivation process.
  • Community Insights: Leverage the collective wisdom of the game’s community on Discord and Trello for advanced cultivation strategies.

Gameplay Mechanics

Desolate Star Cultivation offers a rich tapestry of gameplay mechanics, from combat to exploration. This section will explore the different facets of gameplay that players can engage with.

Currencies and Taels

The game’s economy is primarily based on Taels, the in-game currency used for various transactions and upgrades. Understanding how to acquire and spend Taels wisely is crucial for progression.

  • Earning Taels: Methods for acquiring Taels, including defeating NPCs and completing quests.
  • Spending Taels: Insight into the most valuable investments for your Taels, such as rerolling talents or purchasing cultivation resources.

Dantian and Talent System

The Dantian and Talent systems are pivotal in defining your character’s cultivation path and abilities.

  • Understanding Dantian Types: Detailed explanation of different Dantian types, from Mortal to Chaos, and their impact on your cultivation speed and abilities.
  • Navigating the Talent System: How talents influence your character’s strength and the strategies for optimizing your talent rolls.

Combat and Abilities

Combat in Desolate Star Cultivation is both strategic and dynamic, with a variety of abilities available to players.

  • Combat Mechanics: An overview of the combat system, including basic attacks, special abilities, and defensive maneuvers.
  • Unlocking and Mastering Abilities: Guidance on how to unlock new abilities and effectively use them in combat situations.

In-Game Items and Resources

Desolate Star Cultivation is rich in items and resources that players can utilize to aid their journey. Understanding what’s available and how to best use these resources is key to advancing in the game.

Manuals and Artifacts

Manuals and artifacts are rare items that offer significant boosts to a player’s abilities and cultivation speed.

  • List of Manuals: Detailed information on the various manuals available in the game, their drop chances, and the benefits they provide, such as increased Qi multipliers.
  • Artifacts and Their Effects: Overview of artifacts, how to obtain them, and the specific advantages they offer to players in terms of combat, cultivation, and exploration.

NPCs and Enemies

Interactions with NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and battles against enemies are integral to the gameplay, offering both challenges and rewards.

  • Guide to NPCs: An introduction to the various NPCs in the game, including merchants, quest givers, and trainers, and how players can benefit from interacting with them.
  • Understanding Enemy Types: Insight into the different types of enemies players will encounter, their strengths and weaknesses, and strategies for defeating them to progress in the game.

Community and Support

The Desolate Star Cultivation community is an invaluable resource for players, offering support, camaraderie, and a platform for sharing tips and strategies.

Joining the Discord Community

The Discord server for Desolate Star Cultivation is a hub for player interaction, providing a space for discussions, trades, and updates on the game.

  • Benefits of Joining Discord: Exploring the advantages of being part of the Discord community, such as access to real-time assistance, making new friends, and staying updated on game developments.
  • Engagement with the Community: Tips on how to actively participate in the community, contribute to discussions, and possibly influence game updates through collective feedback.

Finding Help and Guides

Apart from the Trello board, there are other avenues through which players can seek help and find comprehensive guides.

  • Utilizing the Trello and Discord: Best practices for leveraging the information and community insights available on both platforms to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Other Resources for Game Assistance: Introduction to additional resources such as forums, fan sites, and YouTube channels where players can find walkthroughs, tips, and in-depth guides.

Comparing Trello to Other Platforms

The Trello board for Desolate Star Cultivation offers unique advantages over other informational platforms such as wikis or forums.

Trello vs. Wiki

  • Advantages of Trello: Discussion on the real-time updates, organized structure, and community engagement features that make Trello a preferred resource for many players.
  • Wiki Limitations: Addressing the challenges and limitations players might face when relying solely on wikis for game information.

Community Contributions to Trello

Trello’s collaborative nature allows for community contributions, enhancing the richness and accuracy of the information available.

  • Player Contributions: How players can contribute to the Trello board, share their insights, and help keep the information current and relevant.
  • Impact of Community Feedback: The role of player feedback in shaping game updates and Trello content, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between the game developers and the player community.


Can I access the Desolate Star Cultivation Trello without a Trello account?

Yes, the Trello board is publicly accessible and can be viewed without needing to create an account, although having one may enhance your interaction capabilities with the board.

How often is the Trello board updated?

The Trello board is maintained by the game’s development team and dedicated community members, ensuring it stays as up-to-date as possible with game changes and updates.

How can I contribute to the Trello board or Discord community?

Contributions can range from providing feedback, sharing tips and guides, to reporting bugs. Engage actively on Discord and follow any guidelines provided for contributing to the Trello board.


Through this guide, we’ve traversed the multifaceted world of Desolate Star Cultivation, uncovering the myriad aspects that make this game a captivating experience for players. From the basics of getting started and understanding the core mechanics of cultivation to delving into the depths of gameplay strategies, in-game resources, and the vibrant community ecosystem, we’ve covered a broad spectrum of topics to provide a holistic view of the game and its resources.

The Desolate Star Cultivation Trello board stands out as an invaluable resource, meticulously organized and rich in information, catering to both novices and seasoned players. It not only serves as a repository of game knowledge but also as a testament to the dynamic interaction between the game’s developers and its community. This collaborative spirit is what continuously enriches the game’s content and player experience.

As we conclude this guide, it’s clear that the journey through Desolate Star Cultivation is as much about personal growth and community as it is about mastering the game itself. The Trello board is more than just a guide; it’s a gateway to becoming a part of the game’s ever-evolving story. So, whether you’re just starting your cultivation journey or you’re looking to ascend to new heights, remember that every step you take is a step towards not just in-game achievement, but towards building a legacy within the Desolate Star Cultivation universe.


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